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Click here to listen to GospelbeacH’s new track “Freeway to the Canyon” via AllMusic!

Song Premiere: GospelbeacH, “Freeway to the Canyon”
By Chris Steffen

GospelbeacH keeps its relaxed, unmistakably West Coast sound fully in place on “Freeway to the Canyon,” a track from the band’s upcoming collection of live and unreleased songs, Another Winter Alive. The unhurried, easygoing tune was written before the band existed by founding member Neal Casal, who has played extensively with Ryan Adams & the Cardinals and the Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

“This song really helped me pull through some pretty rough times in 2006,” wrote GospelbeacH frontman Brent Rademaker. “I really connected to the lyrics as someone who always seems to get burned by the people who I let get the closest to me. Neal has done so much for GospelbeacH as a founding member and an inspiration, I wanted to pay tribute to him. His version is more ‘freeway’ and ours in more ‘canyon.'”

Another Winter Alive is due out November 30 on Alive Naturalsound Records.



Nitzer Ebb: Three Decades of Pounding Beats and Smashing Stereotypes

As they prepare to hit the road again in their original 1982 lineup, Nitzer Ebb’s Douglas McCarthy reflects on the long road that brought the EBM pioneers to where they are today.

Pylon Records

When a handful of teenagers strode on stage in London’s Chelsea in 1982, propelled by their own “bloody-mindedness” yet half-paralyzed with stage fright and bewildering the sound techs with their lack of guitars, few probably predicted they would pioneer the genre of EBM (electronic body music) and still be going strong over three decades later.

But then, nothing about Nitzer Ebb has been predictable. As the group prepares to release a ten-LP retrospective and hit the road again in their original formation (McCarthy along with Bon Harris, David Gooday and Simon Granger) with the newly reworked material, co-founder Douglas McCarthy reflects that Nitzer Ebb was driven by two key tendencies. On the one hand, the ambitious teens followed a mantra of “next step”: each time they achieved one goal, they would set themselves a higher one (play their hometown; play London; release an album). Before they knew it, they were a signed band.

On the other hand, once they were signed and releasing albums, they made each album a sort of reaction against the previous one, with the aim of avoiding predictability and pigeon-holing.

“Whenever we made an album it was normally a reaction to the previous album, in terms of our personal growth and being relatively quick to be bored with it,” he explains. “As soon as we finished [one album] … we immediately went about, not trying to discredit the previous album, but for our own enjoyment create something very different.” [CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL INTERVIEW]



Click here to listen to Nitzer Ebb’s rare 12” mix of “Let Your Body Learn” via Punk News.

Listen to a massive 12-inch mix of Nitzer Ebb’s “Let Your Body Learn”
Today, Punknews is thrilled to debut a track by Nitzer Ebb!

The English group have been cranking out slab after slab of propulsive, smashing industrial-punk for 36 years, deftly merging the thumping beat of dance music with the harder edge and venomous political bite of the harder genres. The result has been a massive discography including many, many far out extended 12-inch mixes that expand their crushing tunes to their outermost potential.

This Friday, the band is going to release a box set that includes every single one of their albums and FIVE, that’s right, five, LPs of 12-inch mixes, rarities, and alt-versions! Whoa.

You can pre-order that right here. Meanwhile, check out the rare 12-inch mix of “Let Your Body Learn” below, wherein the band takes a four-four disco beat and melts a stomping drum and post-apocalyptic grit over the top.


Click here to listen to Dirty Streets’ new track “The Sound” via New Noise Magazine.

Song Premiere: Dirty Streets – “The Sound”
We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Dirty Streets’ new song “The Sound” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album Distractions, which is scheduled to be released on September 14, 2018. You can purchase the album on iTunes here.

Dirty Streets frontman Justin Toland commented: “The song is about the struggle to connect to other people. You can gauge yourself by the standards of others, but In the end it’s about individuality and choosing your own path.”

About the band:

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, a hub of historical soul and blues that crafted much of the world’s modern music, Dirty Streets have spent years on the road and in the studio forging their own style. They’ve moved from DIY, independant recordings to ambitiously self-produced studio ventures over the course of five albums. Their fifth, and latest, LP, Distractions, is an explosively charged follow-up to their acclaimed 2015 release White Horse, which contains a unique style of heavy, soulful and sometimes psychedelic rock.

Recorded at the historic Sam Phillips Recording studio in Memphis, the album pushes the sonic palette of the band to the next level with an eclectic mix of songs. Drawing from influences that span from the bluesy twang of Howlin’ Wolf and Wilson Pickett, to the heady expansiveness of Hendrix and Donovan, Distractions lives in its own time and place.

Distractions was recorded live in the studio by Matt Qualls and Wesley Graham in the room where the raw and explosive energy of the Yardbirds’ iconic “Train Kept a Rollin’” was originally put to tape. This album continues the tradition.

Top photo by Bob Bayne


Click here to listen to Nitzer Ebb’s rare track “Fun To Be Had” (Dust Brothers Master Mix) via MXDWN.

mxdwn PREMIERE: Nitzer Ebb Release Long Out of Print “Fun To Be Had” (Dust Brothers Master Mix)

This year has been a big one for fans of the seminal EBM group Nitzer Ebb. Today, they release a massive vinyl box set of rarities, including the long out-of-print and hard to find single “Fun To Be Had” (Dust Brothers Master Mix), which we are premiering today.

The song is classic EBM, with a hard-hitting beat and hypnotic bass line, injecting punk energy and attitude into a song that just begs you to hit the dance floor. Lyrically the song features a chanted chorus with a line that Andrew W.K. surely wishes he had written: “Whether you be glad, sad, or bad / You gotta know that there’s fun to be had.”

Perhaps even bigger news than the box set, which consists of rare tracks and their five albums released on Geffen/Mute, is that the four original members of the band are getting back together at the 2019 Amphi Festival in Cologne, Germany. On July 20, 2019 Douglas McCarthy, Bon Harris, David Gooday and Simon Granger will take the stage together as Nitzer Ebb for the first time since 1987, when Gooday left the group. Nitzer Ebb continued without Gooday for well over two decades before announcing a hiatus in 2010.

The band released five albums on Geffen/Mute during the ’80s, including their major label debut That Total Age in 1987, Belief in 1989, Showtime in 1990, Ebbhead in 1991 and Big Hit in 1995. These albums were preceded by the group’s self-released debut LP, Basic Pain Procedure, which was originally released in 1983. “Fun To Be Had” (Dust Brothers Master Mix) is included on the vinyl for Showtime, which also includes the originally released album mix and a mix by George Clinton.


Click here to listen to Ben Pirani’s new song “Try Love” via Brightest Young Things.

By Brandon Wetherbee

We’re pleased to premiere the first track on Ben Pirani’s upcoming album How Do I Talk to My Brother?, “Try Love.” It’s a sincere throwback to the golden age of soul. The instrumentation is fantastic, on par with The Dap Kings. The four minute song goes from a head nodder to a body sway-er in the last minute. It’s a fine introduction to an album of modern soul from a singer that clearly loves and respects the genre.

Pirani hails from Chicago and was a large part of the Northern Soul appreciation scene. He was part of the long running, popular Windy City Soul Club series. Now living in New York, he’s gone from soul DJ evangelist to soul front man.

Colemine Records will release the album on limited edition vinyl, CD, cassette, digital and streaming services this Friday, September 21.


Click here to watch to Handsome Jack’s new “City Girls” video via PopMatters.

Handsome Jack Sings the Praises of “City Girls” (premiere)
Handsome Jack sounds like the band that just moved in next door from 1971. The retro-minded trio returns with “City Girls”, a countrified bit of rock ‘n’ roll that could have crawled from FM radio in its dawning moments, slithered right out of your speakers and into your record collection. With zero pretention and 100 percent dedication Handsome Jack has built a loyal following with its no frills live shows and songs that speak to the heart of everyone.

Speaking about the tune, the band offered this: “‘City Girls’ is a fun country-inspired tune depicting a character dealing with the issues of country versus city living. We had a friend of ours, Christian Gentry, film the entire five day recording session at our warehouse studio space in Lockport, NY and that’s where the footage for the music video comes from. A full documentary of the making of the album will come out shortly after the album debuts.”

The track is culled from the album Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, which will be available in limited edition starburst vinyl and can be ordered here.



ASSOCIATED PRESS Review: Paul Collins’ power pop propels ‘Out of My Head’
Paul Collins, “Out of My Head” (Alive Naturalsound Records)

New York-born Paul Collins has been carrying the torch of power pop for decades in bands like The Nerves and The Beat as well as a lengthy solo career. In just 33 minutes, “Out of My Head” completes an 11-stop journey that’s loaded with melodies and hooks that make it one of the most enchanting records in his catalog.

Collins sings, plays guitars and drums and is assisted mainly by bassist Paul Stingo, who also adds delightful supporting vocals.

The jagged guitar solo on “In and Out of My Head,” the opening track, mirrors the confusion of someone who is trapped in feelings from a past still haunting the present. Blink and you’ll miss “Go,” 95 seconds of energetic drums and strums backing a typically adolescent lyric that any heartbroken adult could sing, too.

In a curious case of coincidence, or something else, there are three songs in row each lasting 2:23 — the “Kind of Girl” could play as Charlie Brown makes another failed attempt to approach the Little Red-Haired Girl; “Just Too Bad You’re Leaving” has a perfectly melancholy melody; and “Emily” applies gentle Hollies-like harmonies to a theme of uncertainty and ambiguity.

“You Belong to Me” describes an obsession with possession, and the noir-ish, bass-driven “Killer Inside” disturbingly suggests we’re all walking around with one within us.

There’s a more reflective approach on the last three songs, a sudden power cut that may have been more effective had “Lost Again,” ″Tick Tock” and “Beautiful Eyes” been interspersed among the faster ones.

“Out of My Head” could have been recorded anytime over the past 50 years and it’s a blast that Collins is still making albums like it today.


Click here to listen to Dirty Streets’ new music video “The Sound” via Glide Magazine. 


Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, a hub of historical soul and blues that crafted much of the world’s modern music, Dirty Streets have spent years on the road and in the studio forging their own style. They’ve moved from DIY, independent recordings to ambitiously self-produced studio ventures over the course of five albums. Their fifth, and latest, LP, Distractions, is an explosively charged follow-up to their acclaimed 2015 release White Horse, which contains a unique style of heavy, soulful and sometimes psychedelic rock. Recorded at the historic Sam Phillips Recording studio in Memphis, the album pushes the sonic palette of the band to the next level with an eclectic mix of songs. Drawing from influences that span from the bluesy twang of Howlin’ Wolf and Wilson Pickett, to the heady expansiveness of Hendrix and Donovan, Distractions lives in its own time and place. The album was recorded live in the studio by Matt Qualls and Wesley Graham in the room where the raw and explosive energy of the Yardbirds’ iconic “Train Kept a Rollin’” was originally put to tape. This album continues the tradition.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the band’s video for “The Sound”, one of the standout tracks on Distractions. The video captures the band’s ability to bottle their high-intensity sound in the studio as they rock the fuck out with a charged up sound that feels of another era. As a three-piece, these cats make some serious noise, and they do so with with cool-headed precision and plenty of Southern swagger. In another time Dirty Streets would have filled arenas with their cranked up, no-holds-barred rock and roll sound. Without naming names, there are other acts out there these days that get credit for channeling the same intensity and magic of 70s mega-rock outfits like Led Zeppelin, but “The Sound” is one of many examples that proves Dirty Streets can pay proper homage to their influences without sounding like rip-offs. Crack open a cold one and crank up the volume real loud.

Dirty Streets frontman Justin Toland attributes the vibe of the recording to the room, which has an incredible history:

“We recorded all of the live album tracks at Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis. The room feels like no other. The vibe of the whole spot had a profound influence on the whole album, so we wanted to go back and record the video there to try to capture that.”

Dirty Streets’ Distractions is out now on vinyl, CD, digital and streaming formats. Click here to order:


Click here to listen to Nitzer Ebb’s rare “Join In The Chant (Burn 12” Remix)” via The Big Takeover Magazine.

Song Premiere: “Join In The Chant” (Burn!) 12″ Mix by Nitzer Ebb
Nitzer Ebb – Photo Credit: Hazel Hill McCarthy III

Renowned veteran British outfit Nitzer Ebb are considered one of the progenitors of the industrial dance/electronic body music genres. Formed in 1982 by Douglas McCarthy, Bon Harris, and David Gooday, they stormed the music scene with their uncompromising sound and vision.

Nitzer Ebb went on hiatus in 2010, but they have now reunited for a 2018-19 tour that will take them through Europe and the UK, with more live dates to be announced. The act’s go-to graphic designer Simon Granger is also on board and it will be the first time these four founding members have performed live together since 1987.

On October 5th, Pylon Records will be releasing an extensive box set of Nitzer Ebb’s output. Titled Nitzer Ebb 1982 – 2010: The Box Set, it features 10 vinyl LPs, complete with newly remastered versions of all five of their Geffen / Mute albums, plus five LPs of bonus tracks and rarities.

A limited edition color vinyl box set will also be available and include Nitzer Ebb’s self-released debut album Basic Pain Procedure, found as part of this set only via Pylon Record’s webstore.

The Big Takeover is highly excited to host the premiere of the 12” Burn! remix of the Nitzer Ebb classic “Join In The Chant”. This mix is one of the bonus tracks found on the box set.

The original “Join In The Chant” is a memorable number that invades the ears and brain because of its urgent and addictive cycle of blunt, basic lyrics, McCarthy’s forceful shouts, fast-paced electronic percolation, and a clanging industrial beat.

The Burn! remix of the song takes it even more to the club dancefloor by stretching out the interval between McCarthy’s seething exclamations and occasionally switching up the order of the lyrics. Emphasis is placed on the restless, pelting electronic burble, with added clacking percussion increasing the sonic intensity. The mix is both stark and flowing at the same time, and totally riveting.

McCarthy graciously took some time out of his busy schedule to go over the creation of the original track, as well as how the remix developed. Read the interesting details below:

“Lyrically “Join In The Chant” started very differently, but that was before Bon had written the baseline. We used to have weekly rehearsal/writing sessions in Bon’s parents living room every Saturday. So I’m presuming Bon played it to David (Gooday) and myself on one Saturday probably no later 1985. Once I tried to use the very word heavy lyrics we decided that they should be edited down. I’m pretty sure the title was already “Join In The Chant” so we presumably took our cue from that and the rest is history. We worked on the track further at our then producer Phil Harding’s home studio. We really wanted to get away from a straight four-on-the-floor we were prone to using, so messed around with his drum machine. It was recorded at The Greenhouse, a studio in Shoreditch, East London and was part of the group of tracks we played to Daniel Miller when he came to listen to what we had after recently signing the band to Mute Records. Those tracks, including “Join In The Chant,” became our debut album, _THAT TOTAL AGE which was mixed at PWL the notorious “Hit Factory” owned by the ever colorful Pete Waterman. In 1987 it became the third single to be released by us on Mute and we did a remix with our future producer FLOOD at Blackwing Studios in South East London. Blackwing was where many of the early Mute albums were made including Fad Gadget, Depeche Mode and famously Yazoo, whose album Upstairs At Eric’s references Eric Radclife who owned the studio.”_

“Along with FLOOD’s remix, Phil Harding did one too. On the FLOOD version, and indeed the original album version, there were more syncopated drum patterns used. Phil’s remix (later named ‘Burn Remix’) not only used the old four-on-the-floor standby, he sprinkled a variety of relatively standard percussion and rhythms that were very much part of the pop mainstream in the charts at the time, and featured heavily on pretty much all of the Stock, Aitken, and Waterman tracks that came out of PWL. To be honest, we weren’t that keen on the mix initially and it was actually Daniel Miller who persuaded us of its merits, so we relented. It did fairly well and was especially well received when we performed it live. The following year, 1988, saw the emergence of a club scene that was initially named Balearic Beats after the style of DJing in the clubs of southwestern Spain and Ibiza. The scene was renamed ACID HOUSE about the same time as the ‘Burn Remix’ appeared on Balearic Beats Volume 1 and it enjoyed a massive amount of play, even featuring on the ITN News At Ten on a piece about the newly very drug orientated scene in what was being dubbed ‘The Second Summer Of Love.”“

Find out more details about the upcoming Nitzer Ebb 1982-2010: The Box Set below from the official press release:

This career-spanning retrospective box marks the first time that all five of the band’s albums for Geffen/Mute have been collected in one complete box set. The box set features expanded double black vinyl of each album (10 vinyl LPs in all), with several bonus tracks and hard to find 12” mixes – all carefully curated and remastered by Pylon Records.

The original artwork has also been expanded into gatefold sleeves, with embossing and spot UV finish. It also contains a large size booklet with liner notes by the band’s co-founders Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris, along with unseen photos, flyers and artwork, detailing their entire career in chronological order from Essex to Los Angeles. These albums have been out-of-print since the early ’90s and have never been reissued prior to this.

The actual two-piece box is made of hard board stock, wrapped with leather paper and the UV design is hot foiled stamped. The box also has accommodated extra space inside for their first self-released album, Basic Pain Procedure, from 1983 and their last release, Industrial Complex, from 2010, to complete the collection by the fans, as these titles have been in print in recent years.

There will be a limited colored vinyl edition of the box, which will also include a re-press of the band’s debut album, Basic Pain Procedure, available only from the Pylon Records website for a short period of time. The Industrial Complex vinyl has been in print in the last several years on colored vinyl, and easily attainable on many online and fine record stores around the world.

Nitzer Ebb 1982-2010: The Box Set will be available on October 5th via Pylon Records


Click here to watch Nitzer Ebb’s never before seen 1984 music video “So Bright So Strong” via Revolver Magazine.

Plus, see industrial pioneers talk reuniting with original members, rehearsing in barns, upcoming retrospective boxset


Over the past thirty years, Nitzer Ebb have been key players in revolutionizing the worlds of EBM and industrial. Their influence is profound: everyone from veterans like Nine Inch Nails to new-school powerhouses Youth Code owe a debt to the British act. To honor their prolific career, Nitzer Ebb is releasing a massive boxset uncovering their entire discography from 1982-2010. Not only does the set include all five albums released on Geffen and Mute Records, but five additional LPs filled with rarities from throughout their career.

As part of those rarities, today (September 11th) the band is premiering the never-before-seen video for their 1985 single “So Bright So Strong.” The video was originally filmed in either 1983 or 1984 by their original manager Chris Piper. The video is filled with pure youth and energy, Bon Harris, Douglas McCarthy, and then drummer David Gooday all dancing around a very DIY set along to the song. The video isn’t dissimilar to the larger budget affairs they would put on later throughout their career, there’s a heavy focus on physicality in the clip (EBM is Electronic Body Music for a reason), and the emphasis on percussion that would show up in videos like “Murderous” is on display here.

In addition to the uncovered music video, Nitzer Ebb have taken the time to record a video interview, explaining the process behind the new boxset, and what fans can expect. “What makes this release unique is it’s pretty much the most comprehensive collection of albums, singles, remixes, bonus tracks, it’s the biggest collection of all that material in one single place,” says Harris. They also speak on reuniting with original members Simon Granger and David Gooday for an upcoming reunion tour, which Harris promises will be “a lot more fresh, more relevant today, but most of all fun, the four of us getting back together and doing it in a little more improvised way.”

The original “So Bright So Strong” video was shot at a farm where they had a lot of parties and would rehearse frequently, using black plastic against the walls for the aesthetic.

“I imagine this was the first video we shot with our original manager,” Harris says. “Most of my recollections of that time are incredibly vague, other than we would did a lot of stuff homegrown, go do our own flyering campaigns … it was the logical extension of do it ourselves.”

“Looking back at this vantage point, it pretty much signals something any creative artist is going to face, which is working with what you have at the time, embracing whatever the limitations are, and going ahead with creating something, putting something out there, the type of work that you want to see without any judgment or self-consciousness.

You can pre-order Nitzer Ebb 1982-2010 Boxset here through Pylon Records.



Click here to check out GospelbeacH’s new song “Runnin’ Blind” via Blurt.

Track Premiere: GospelbeacH “Runnin’ Blind”
SoCal kings of cool serve up another winner – not to mention a stunning looking slab o’ wax.

By John B. Moore

If Blurt had a house band, there’s a pretty good chance the laidback, LA-based Indie Pop band GospelbeacH would be in the running. No less than our editor Fred Mills called last year’s sumptuous sophomore platter, Another Summer of Love, “not only perfectly titled, it’s a study in both perfect conception and perfect execution”; longtime contributor Barry St. Vitus described 2015’s Pacific Surf Line as a classic release as“viewed through the lens of the Buffalo Springfield, Flying Burrito Brothers, Chris Darrow and others who pioneered the sound and glorified So-Cal’s gilded palace of sin and sun with a country spin early on.”

So imagine how stoked we were to be asked to premiere the song “ Runnin’ Blind,” off their soon-to-be-released Another Winter Alive.

“‘Runnin’ Blind’ is our attempt to blend Krautrock with The Everly Brothers…lyrically it’s one of those prophetic songs that weren’t real at the time but life ended up imitating art,” said singer-songwriter Brent Rademaker.

The album features five previously unreleased studio tracks recorded during the band’s sessions for Another Summer Of Love plus five live songs recorded in London during their California Fantasy tour, revisiting stripped-down live versions of songs from their debut album Pacific Surf Line.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

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