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CNET’S DOWNLOAD: Clan of Xymox’s Ronny Moorings shares his favorite apps.
The singer-songwriter also revisits the band’s critically acclaimed gothic rock and industrial music-based album ‘Twist of Shadows’ on its 30th anniversary.
by Joshua Rotter

The success of Clan of Xymox’s third album, “Twist of Shadows” was no strange twist of fate. It was its major-label backing and accessible sound that helped lift the melancholic album and the Dutch dark wave band behind it from underground independent label obscurity to cult status in the US, in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

“Without this album, there would be no way forward at the time,” the group’s singer and frontman Ronny Moorings told “It was an album opening up a whole new dimension for the band.”

Released in 1989, Clan of Xymox’s first major-label debut on PolyGram (now Universal) found the band working with esteemed record producers Peter Walsh (Simple Minds, Peter Gabriel, Gene Loves Jezebel) and his brother Greg Walsh (Heaven 17, Tina Turner, Chicago), with additional help from the legendary Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T. Rex, Iggy Pop).

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With its more pop-friendly sound, the 10-track, which bridged electronic music and goth rock, won Billboard’s “Hot Shot Debut” cracked the Billboard 200 and catapulted three of the band’s most enduring songs — the mystical “Obsession” and the heartbreakingly beautiful “Blind Hearts” and “Imagination” — up the charts.

And Moorings told that he thinks the album holds up nicely even three decades after it was recorded.  Click here to read more.


Click here to watch Holiday Gunfire’s new music video “Imaginary Friend” via Performer Magazine

VIDEO PREMIERE: Holiday Gunfire – “Imaginary Friend”
By Benjamin Ricci

Performer is super excited to premiere the brand-new video for “Imaginary Friend” by Birmingham’s Holiday Gunfire.

Says Lester Nuby III of the track:

“‘Imaginary Friend’ is the song that helped us see more clearly what we wanted the album to be. It’s about the gravity of where relationships end and begin.”
Holiday Gunfire’s self-titled album will be available February 15, 2019 on vinyl, CD, digital and streaming formats via Cornelius Chapel Records.
Click here to read more…



Click here to listen to Lonesome Shack’s new track “Padt the Ditch” via American Blues Scene

World Premiere Song From Lonesome Shack “Past the Ditch”
“Past the Ditch” is from the upcoming album ‘Desert Dreams’ by Lonesome Shack.
By JD Nash

Lonesome Shack will be releasing their new album Desert Dreams via Alive Naturalsound Records on March 1st.

A trio based in both Seattle and London, Lonesome Shack plays a combination of hill country blues and urban folk. Take into consideration that band leader Ben Todd spent time living alone in a shack in the New Mexico desert learning old finger-picking blues from vintage recordings, and you start to feel the vibe of this group.

They’re raw, extremely expressive, and a bit odd. The new album was written, “at the tail end of a long, challenging winter in London.” Yet it’s pure Americana. With Todd on guitar and vocals, Luke Bergman on bass, and Kristian Garrard on drums, they create an entirely new sound, that is completely familiar.

“I wrote ‘Past The Ditch’ at the end of a long winter at home in London, UK,” Todd told us. “Our neighbor would complain whenever I played guitar so I had to keep it unamplified. I was seeking something hopeful despite my feelings of uncertainty at the time.”

He succeeded. We’re proud to present the world premiere of “Past the Ditch,” from the upcoming album Desert Dreams. Turn this one up, and you’ll feel it in your bones.

Feature image Sarah Garrard



Click here to listen to Hawk & Dove’s new track “A Medication List” via The Big Takeover Magazine

Song Premiere: “A Medication List” by Hawk and Dove
Hawk and Dove
by Big Takeover Exclusives

Based out of Brooklyn, New York and making music for seven years, indie rock collective Hawk and Dove have been writing and touring and making community wherever they can.

Hawk and Dove just finished their latest album, the highly personal, yet universal Our Childhood Heroes, that describes one man’s miracle cure adventure – to address his failing young [ brain, due to early-onset Parkinson’s while also looking at our generational search for luxury and ease at the expense of other people’s further-away-lives.

The 13-track Our Childhood Heroes will arrive on January 18th on vinyl, CD, digital and streaming formats. Hawk and Dove are Elijah Miller (vocals, guitar), John Kleber (lead guitar), Joan Chew (bass, more), and many friends on other instruments.

The Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of the emotionally intimate, stark third track on the album, “A Medication List”, which pushes forward with a strict drum beat, ticking percussion, swoops of organ, and sporadic, raw jags of guitar grind.

Singer-songwriter Miller sing-talks in a matter-of-fact tone at first, running down a long and heavy medication list, before bursting out with anxious exclamations against the grooving rhythm of the song.

Miller explains the harrowing meaning behind “A Medication List”, revealing, “Half of the forthcoming album Our Childhood Heroes is about my father’s search for miracle cures in the face of the neurological disease early-onset Parkinson’s, which eventually killed him. It was an, at times, desperate yet incredibly optimistic and freeing adventure.”

He continues, “This song, “A Medication List”, is just that – a list of the medications I could remember him taking – in the end it is merely a fraction. Anyone who’s been a caregiver, or spent time with someone who is slowly dying knows that in this culture there is a vast inventory of pills and medicines that the patient takes in an attempt to address what is killing them. This all happens with varying degrees of success and/or failure – as none of it will actually cure them. There is always a vault of pills nearby.”

“We drew inspiration from the Krautrock pioneers CAN, among others. We wanted to illustrate the driving, moving, pulsing repetition that felt like an appropriate accompaniment to the constant soldiering-on-process of trying to find anything that might address the regular knocking of a terminal illness.”, Miller concludes.



Click here to watch Hawk & Dove’s new video “Taxidermy Eden” via MXDWN (NSFW)

mxdwn PREMIERE: Hawk and Dove Regale a NSFW Adam and Eve in New “Taxidermy Eden” Video

Hawk and Dove are a Brooklyn-based band centered around Elijah Miller (vocals and guitar) and John Kleber (guitar) with Joan Chew (bass). They’re getting ready for the release of their new album Our Childhood Heroes, which comes out on January 18, 2019. Today we have the premiere for the gorgeous (but NSFW) video for the latest single and opening track from the new album “Taxidermy Eden.”

The video features a nude Adam and Eve seated in a high-rise loft as Hawk and Dove narrate a conversation with the two original humans. “About half of the album, Our Childhood Heroes, explores a generational search for greater luxury and ease at the direct expense of other people’s lives,” said Miller. “The song ‘Taxidermy Eden’ is part of this group and is a conversation with Adam and Eve – about how they might feel if they were still alive.” [Click here to read more]

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