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Click here to listen to The Bonnevilles’ new title track “Dirty Photographs” via Magnet Magazine

On March 16, Alive Naturalsound will release the fourth studio album from the Bonnevilles. Dirty Photographs is the follow-up to the Northern Ireland power duo’s 2016 LP, Arrow Pierce My Heart, and while it retains the garage/blues flair of past efforts, the 11-track album is more upbeat both musically and lyrically. The title track is actually a love song, albeit one that lives up to its adults-only title. Says frontman Andrew McGibbon Jr., “I’ve always wanted to do a song for my wife, but the thought of some cheesy ballad, well, I would hate it and she’d see through it immediately for being paltry and fake.  [click here to read more]



Click here to listen to Ampline’s new Passion Relapse album in its entirety via The Big Takeover

Album Premiere: Passion Relapse by Ampline

Mike Montgomery reveals, “We wanted to make an album that sounded like we sound when we play live… one that felt immediate and where, as the recording engineer, I didn’t obsess over overdubs and production tweaks. So, between family, work, tours, other musical projects and life in general, we built a new studio, installed a tape machine and a vintage Harrison mixing desk, signed with SofaBurn Records, and when we finally set about ‘starting’ the album… we completed the bulk of it in two days. I guess we spent five years to prep for making the album in one weekend.”


Click here to listen to Ampline’s track “Captions” from their new Passion Relapse LP via Magnet Magazine

We first introduced you to the music of Ampline’s Mike Montgomery last year with our profile on R.Ring, his duo with the Breeders’ Kelley Deal. Ampline—Montgomery, Kevin Schmidt and Rick McCarty—has been together since 2001 and will release its fifth album, Passion Relapse (Sofaburn), on January 26. You can pre-order the vinyl here, but today you’re in for a treat: We have the premiere of LP track “Captions” for your listening pleasure. Says Montgomery of the track, “We wanted to write a song that just worked and churned away at a riff with just brief moments of melodic bloom. I had to write a eulogy once, so lyrically it grapples with the notion that you could sum up an entire lifetime with a few thoughts or captions.” Check out “Captions” below.


Buffalo Killers on Musical Authenticity and Fraternity
By Anthony Cammalleri

We recently sat down with Buffalo Killers’ Andrew Gabbard to talk about the band’s new LP, self-producing and BK’s creative process.
(photos by Erin Gabbard)

At a barn out in Howler Hills Farm, south of Dayton, Ohio, two brothers, Andrew and Zachary Gabbard, have a jam session with their longtime friends Sven Kahns and Joseph Sebaali. They plug in, turn on, and start howling psychedelic tunes into the night as they have done for years – just a group of lads laughing and making music together. The rock band Buffalo Killers recorded their eighth album Alive and Well in Ohio with mellow and harmonious vibes over the course of a year. No stress, no rules, and most importantly, no “faking it.”

Released this fall on Alive Naturalsound, the Gabbard brothers produced their new record with the sole intention of creating an authentic sound that stays true to their roots. According to Buffalo Killers guitarist and vocalist Andrew Gabbard, the band is more committed to playing with energy and passion than to engineering their sound professionally.

“I am not much of a gearhead. We’re not learned scholars of recording. That’s what we were excited about, to be able to have our hands on it [the album] and break the rules, because you can’t just do what you want when you’re paying to record at a studio,” Gabbard says.

Keeping their hearts and souls embedded in each track, the band, rather than layering their album drum-first, recorded songs on Alive and Well in Ohio with first a live track comprising all of the skeleton instruments, later on adding tracks for vocals or extra guitar spice. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]


Click here to listen to to Grace Basement’s new track “Midnight Bell” via Ghettoblaster Magazine

Song Premiere: Grace Basement, “Midnight Bell”

Whatever it’s playing alongside with other musicians nightly in his home in St. Louis or working in his studio, it’s hard to keep musician Kevin Buckley pinned down for too long. Buckley’s side project Grace Basement will be releasing their fourth full-length album this year titled Mississippi Nights.

Ghettoblaster is proud to premiere one of the singles that will be on the new album, “Midnight Bell”. While the band focused on showcasing an intimate folk sound on their previous album Wheel Within A Wheel, Mississippi Nights will contain a more bombastic sound. Listening to “Midnight Bell”, you catch Buckley and company rigging along soulful vibes and rich Midwestern sound. The song’s overall production has been influenced by bands such as Wilco and Pavement.

Here’s Buckley on the track:
“On the surface, ‘Midnight Bell’ wouldn’t be the most original song I’ve written, but I also believe its derivative essence works in its favor. A simple boogie-woogie rock riff we’ve heard a million times and familiar story to boot. I think of all my rock and roll friends and the mysterious wonder and excitement of nocturnal living. This song is a blast to play live!”

Grace Basement’s Mississippi Nights will be available on CD, digital and streaming formats January 19th, 2018.

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