Pavement PR is an independent publicity firm that delivers creative, high-impact press campaigns and media representation for creative, outstanding artists. While we work with a broad cross-section of different styles and genres – be it indie, alternative, Americana, blues, folk, pop or punk – our client criteria is based solely on quality, talent and belief in every artist and act we work with.

Pavement specializes in national and regional tour campaigns – offering artists the strongest support where and when they need it most– while on the road. Our ongoing relationships with daily newspapers, weekly alternatives, monthlies, regional A&E sites, music blogs, radio and local TV help ensure that our client’s regional shows get the exposure they need. In addition, we offer national campaigns for album releases, showcase shows and other special events.

We’re not only in-step with the major sea changes within the music industry today, but also embrace them – from how music is being distributed to recognizing the importance of online presence and exposure, as well as the changing faces of print, radio and television. Realizing that there are no longer any single traditional methods of buying, selling and promoting music, we tap into all outlets and mediums and incorporate them into our specialized publicity campaigns.

We pride ourselves on heightening and supporting the awareness of our clients’ image, products and tours through tailor-made press campaigns utilizing various publicity techniques and mediums, along with our ongoing relationships and ever-growing contacts within the music-media industry.

PAVEMENT PR was founded by Tony Bonyata, who has a long background in the music industry. He started freelancing for the southeast Wisconsin newspaper The Week in the early ‘90s before he became their weekly music columnist in ’97 (which he continued for the following 13 years) . With the Internet quickly becoming a dominating force within media in the early ‘00s, he, and his brother Phil Bonyata, started the online music magazine ConcertLivewire, which Phil still runs to this day. Through these two outlets Tony has also worked as professional concert photographer for some years. His works have not only been featured in national publications such as Pollstar and Celebrity Access, but his photos have also garnered artists such as Ryan Adams and The Soundtrack of Our Lives their first national U.S. magazine cover shots.

In 2004 he turned his knowledge of the editorial world of music into a successful position with a local Lake Geneva record label as their PR Director before launching PAVEMENT PR in the summer of 2007.

Our services include:

National Publications: Reaching out to national music and entertainment publications to secure features, reviews, news items and additional editorial content.
Tour Press: Reaching out to regional monthly magazines, weekly alternative publications and daily newspapers in respective touring markets to secure features, reviews, news items, calendar listings and additional editorial content.
Radio & TV: Reaching out to supporting radio stations in home and touring markets for studio visits (interview / performances) in conjunction with concurrent radio campaign, while also reaching out to late night TV talk shows (in conjunction with national tour and album release) and morning show performances in home and tour markets.
Online Marketing: Reaching out to online music & entertainment magazines, pop culture sites, podcasting sites and other influential music blog sites to secure features, reviews, news items, mp3 links and additional editorial content.

Please call or email to discuss our cost effective rates. Because we realize not every artist, product release and tour schedule is the same, we’d be happy to discuss creating a unique press campaign designed around your specific needs.

Tony Bonyata / Pavement PR
e: tony[at]pavementpr[dot]com