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Click here to listen to GospelbeacH’s “Down South” via Cowboys & Indians Magazine.

California-based folk rock group GospelbeacH debuts their latest track, “Down South,” exclusively with C&I.

California-based folk rock group GospelbeacH debuts their latest track, “Down South,” exclusively with C&I.
GospelbeacH produces more dreamy American roots rock music with their latest track, “Down South,” from their forthcoming album, Another Winter Alive, available November 30.

Cultivated from the melodious mind of founding member Brent Rademaker and evolved from the kaleidoscopic California music scene, GospelbeacH blends country folk with modern rock ’n’ roll to produce inviting melodies and harmonies.

Their latest track, “Down South,” strays from their California roots but sticks to their overall “Left Coast” sound.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.



Click here to check out Dirty Streets’ new music video “Distractions” via Popmatters.

Dirty Streets Eschews Complications, Gets to the Heart With “Distractions” (premiere)

Memphis trio Dirty Streets highlight their gritty and heartfelt brand of rock ‘n’ roll on the new single “Distractions”.

Memphis’ Dirty Streets have sharpened their sound to sharp edge through years of touring and honing their craft in the studio. Now, with the band’s fifth LP, Distractions, the trio delivers a powerhouse blast of songs that range from soul to psychedelic rock. New single “Distractions” exemplifies the Dirty Streets’ gritty and heartfelt brand of rock ‘n’ roll. Somewhere between the workmanlike rock of Grand Funk Railroad and Clutch or the high stardom of the late Tommy Bolin likes this outfit. For those concerned that rock ‘n’ roll has become too quantized, freeze dried, or other things that have zees in them, Dirty Streets is very much the band you’re looking for. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


The king of shock-rock Alice Cooper hand-picked Smash Fashion’s new track “Teenage Demon” from their Rompus Pompous LP for the Deja New segment of his nationally syndicated radio show ‘Nights with Alice Cooper’ on November 9th. Thanks, Alice!





Click here to watch Dani Bell and the Tarantist’s new music video “Mystery” via Glide Magazine

Dani Bell and the Tarantist is an American rock band based in San Diego, California, led by singer-songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Dani Bell. Inspired by the early days of Motown, Dani Bell and the Tarantist creates a modern style of dreamy psychedelic pop. The band records and tours as part of the Redwoods Music record label and musicians collective, which adapts Bell’s bedroom compositions into intimate songs with expansive arrangements.

With their sophomore record Wide Eyed, which is due out on January 18, 2019, Dani Bell and the Tarantist awake from the dreamy pop reveries that fueled their 2015 debut, Dark West, to contend with a present day that’s taken a greater emotional toll. While their previous effort lent the intimacy of Bell’s vulnerable vocals to romantic whispers, here they’re compelled to answer the shifting contexts of an unsettling world, offering turns of disenchantment, wariness and resilience.

For an artist who sings with vulnerability and introspection, Bell offers scarce hints of a persona through her performance with her band. On stage, the singer’s face is partly concealed by a feathered commedia dell’arte mask, which she procured in the Venice Republic. Her body reveals only a compulsive devotion to the music, the possessed dancing ecstasy of a tarantist. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE



Click here to listen to Xymox’s “Blind Hearts” (Club Mix) via The Big Takeover Magazine

Song Premiere: “Blind Hearts” (Club Mix) by Xymox
by Big Takeover Exclusives
Xymox – Photo Credit: Edmund Messerschmidt

Pylon Records is set to reissue the renowned, long-running Dutch act Xymox’s (AKA Clan of Xymox) newly remastered album Twist of Shadows. The double-vinyl set (including 5 bonus tracks) comes out on November 9th and the 2-CD set (including 10 bonus tracks in all) arrives on December 7th.

Children of the 1980s alternative music underground will be familiar with Clan of Xymox or the abbreviated form Xymox. The outfit’s spellbinding, but changeable sound is one of gothic vocals shrouded in mysterious synths/electronics-driven atmospherics.

In the U.S. especially, Twist of Shadows was a success, with “Obsession” charting on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart and that track and “Blind Hearts” making Billboard’s Club Play Chart. “Imagination” with Anka Wolbert on lead vocals, brought the act mainstream attention, charting at #85 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and generating Top 40 radio airplay and MTV video rotation.

While Xymox’s 1989 album Twist of Shadows isn’t exactly industrial in its sound, the BPMs run mid-tempo and are totally danceable in a New Order-type way. The expanded remastered double vinyl release includes the club hits “Obsession” and “Blind Hearts,” along with several rare 12” mixes and B-sides.

A couple of the tracks have string arrangements by famed producer Tony Visconti, who was responsible for several of David Bowie’s landmark releases. The two LPs are housed in a gatefold jacket complete with lyrics, and the artwork was designed by Vaughan Oliver of 4AD fame. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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