• Release
      AUGUST 18, 2017
  • Tour Dates

    • 11/30/23 GA-20 in Pawling, NY at Daryl’s House
    • 12/01/23 GA-20 in Port Washington, NY at Landmark on Main Street
    • 12/02/23 GA-20 in Boston, MA at Brighton Music Hall
    • 12/02/23 SAY SHE SHE in Miami Beach, FL at North Beach Music Festival
    • 12/03/23 SAY SHE SHE in Austin, TX at ACL Live at The Moody Theater

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    The Two Tens are set to release their follow-up effort to their acclaimed debut album Volume later this summer. Not only have the themes of heartbreak, heartache and depression reared their heads again on the L.A.-based duo’s new studio LP, On Repeat, but the pile-driving rock that dominates these 13 original tracks, along with a bludgeoning cover of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Nerve Damage!,” are an equal and familiar punch-in-the-gut.

    What isn’t ‘on repeat’ on this effort, however, is the fact that there are some actual honest love songs featured in the mix. As singer/guitarist Adam Bones explains, “I went through some major ups and downs in the time we were writing this album and I’m pretty sure it shows.”

    Building on the raw garage-punk that dominated their previous effort, the duo has also expanded their musical palette to include a poppier edge to some of the tracks. “We wanted On Repeat to be different than Volume,” drummer/background vocalist Rikki Styxx admits. “We had talked about adding more layers and getting more creative with sounds overall. We were fortunate enough to work with renown producer John Fields who has his hands in a lot of ‘pop’ albums. Also Adam started writing more love songs. There’s something to swing your hips to and something to crowd surf to. It’s got a lot of flavors that’s for sure.”

    The band recorded and tracked three songs for the album with Fields at his Minneapolis studio, Creation Audio. Like Volume before it, they had producer/manager Bruce Duff produce the rest of the songs for On Repeat, with Paul Roessler engineering at Kitten Robot Studios and Toneduff Studio.

    The Two Tens have effectively been recording and touring as a two-piece since their inception three years ago. “The benefits are that there’s only two of us,” Bones states, ”so there are only two cooks in the kitchen, so to speak. Scheduling is easier because there’s only two of us. Also, touring isn’t as difficult and it’s more comfortable.” Styxx adds, “What I’m bad at, Adam excels in and vice versa. Synergy is very important and we both work equally in our areas of strength towards the success of the band. And you get your own bench seat when you tour, c’mon now!”

    The Two Tens plan to hit the road hard later this summer in support of On Repeat (dates to be announced soon) and promise a number of music videos to accompany the high-octane tracks that fuel this new release.

    The Two Tens’ On Repeat will be available on vinyl, CD, digital and streaming formats August 18th via Man Della Records. Pre-order On Repeat via iTunes / Google Play / physical

    1. On Repeat
    2. Crushed Me
    3. Keeping Hope Alive
    4. Stuck in My Head
    5. Mean Spirit
    6. Feel so Dumb
    7. Burden
    8. Stories
    9. Streetlight
    10. Not Alright
    11. Leave Me Behind
    12. Nerve Damage!
    13. Girlfriend Island
    14. Friends


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    Buzzing guitars, big thumping drums and sheets of skysaw vocals… this is The Two Tens. Barely a year old, The Two Tens are a duo consisting of Adam Bones and Rikki Styxx; deluxe, fashionable rockers looking to have fun and melt faces. Inspired by ‘60s garage and ‘70s punk along with all manner of modern buzz ‘n’ fuzz, Bones and Styxx are ready to introduce The Two Tens to planet Earth and beyond.

    Shortly after forming, the band quickly wrote 12 songs and recorded them with producer Bruce Duff (Prima Donna, Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs) at Paul Roessler’s (Screamers, 45 Grave) Kitten Robot studio in Los Angeles. Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Dirtbombs) mixed the recordings in Detroit. The cover was created by Stephen Blickenstaff, well-known for his iconic cover art for the Cramp’s Bad Music for Bad People.

    The Two Tens played an official showcase at SXSW 2015 Saturday Night, were picked as one of six L.A. bands to see at SXSW by Los Angeles Magazine, and had a song in Showtime’s Shameless at the start of the 2015 season. They’ve supported the Sonics, Naked Raygun, Electric Six and the Misfits, toured the West Coast, played festivals Echo Park Rising, Viva Pomona and HiFi Rockfest.

    The Two Tens new debut album Volume will be available on CD and digital formats February 26, 2016 via Ugly Sugar Records.


    1. Scene
    2. Ella Don’t Like My Hat
    3. Watching Me
    4. Sweet As Pie
    5. Dreams
    6. Rush Out
    7. Care At All
    8. Life
    9. I Cant Win
    10. You Want It All
    11. Can’t Pull Through
    12. Breathe



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    • “An exercise in focused tension and bombastic release, The Two Tens’ ‘On Repeat’ is the garage-punk love album you’ll want to listen to over and over again.” – ATWOOD MAGAZINE
    • “The Two Tens’ new ‘Keeping Hope Alive’ single is seriously cool. If you ain’t hooked on these cats by this point, c’mon—unhook that respirator and get out once in awhile.” – BLURT MAGAZINE
    • “The Los Angeles-based duo pick up right where Volume left off with ‘On Repeat’. Bones and Styxx have that recognizable punch-to-the-gut song structure with quick bursts of garage-punk music. From the bombastic opening title track throughout the sequence, ‘On Repeat’ captures the Two Tens live, in-your-face sound with the positively pop groove of ‘Keeping Hope Alive,’ to the nearly metal offering ‘Mean Spirit’ and a cover of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s ‘Nerve Damage!’” – INNOCENT WORDS MAGAZINE
    • “Think the Ramones with a little more vocal range and a dash more imagination.” – DEEP IN THE MUSIC
    • ALBUM OF THE WEEK: THE TWO TENS – ON REPEAT: “The Two Tens are a fiery duo from the City of Angels that can cause a ruckus. Their sophomore release ‘On Repeat’ is coming out Aug 18 via Man Della Records and it’s a banger of an album. Guitarist and vocalist Adam Bones oozes endless swagger while Rikki Styxx brings the thunder on drums. Together they create a rad sound that’s intense and harmonious.” – MOTIF MAGAZINE
    • “Sometimes you hear a song that is so catchy, it immediately gets stuck in your head – on repeat. ‘Keeping Hope Alive’ is as infectious a song as you will hear. It’s punk enough to remind you of Ramones, yet at the same time, there is a pop component to this song that makes it utterly irresistible.” – AXS
    • “Los Angeles-based garage punk duo the Two Tens won acclaim for their raw sound on debut album ‘Volume,’ and now are planning to take things in a slightly poppier — but still hardcore — direction for sophomore set ‘On Repeat,’ which they are prepping for release August 18 via Man Della Records. Yahoo Music is excited to give fans a preview of the new music with the video for ‘Mean Spirit’ — which combines a gritty, Nirvana-influenced visual theme with something unexpected … a cheeky game of dodgeball!” – YAHOO! MUSIC
    • “The duo of Adam Bones and Rikki Styxx are set to unleash their fantastic barrel of fury in the form of Volume, a record you should get familiar with right now.” – PURE VOLUME
    • “This brand spankin’ L.A. duo takes a White Stripes vibe up to the Hollywood sign via some bright sonic swing.” – CMJ
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    • “This L.A. duo is cranking out ‘60s-style garage rock that’s sure to get you moving.” – EXAMINER
    • “Yes! There it is! I found a record that exudes the kind of hot tempered energy I want from a punk album: it’s fun, filthy and filled with zero bullshit. For a debut album, Bones and Styxx got everything right. I’m already anticipating their sophomore release, and I am anxious to see them live. For an album title Volume, they definitely crank it up.” – ELMORE MAGAZINE
    • “L.A.-based garage-punk duo The Two Tens features drummer Rikki Styxx and guitarist-vocalist Adam Bones thrashing, crashing and bashing their instruments into spill-your-beer-and-stiff-the-bartender Stooges-friendly rock ‘n’ roll.” – THE PORTLAND TRIBUNE
    • “… a verifiable killer.” – THE BIG TAKEOVER
    • “Volume by The Two Tens ranks with some of the best” – CALIFORNIA ROCKER
    • “…a lethal dose of pulsating garage punk” – SAN ANTONIO CURRENT
    • “You can probably be forgiven for casting aspersions toward the Two Tens – after all it’s a co-ed duo with a male guitarist and a female drummer, and debut album Volume was mixed by Detroit super producer Jim Diamond. But the L.A. act is no White Stripes wannabe – the band is far more enamored of 60s garage rock than Zeppelin blues. All the better to rock sweet pop tunes “Sweet as Pie” and “Watching Me” and pounding thrashers “Life” and “Rush Out” into the dirt.” – BLURT
    • “… no frills, no BS, punk rock duo with garage pop influence.” – FREE PRESS HOUSTON
    • “The Two Tens’ genius together is evident from the first crashing cymbal and mind-blowing guitar riff. Garage punk at its best.” – THE HUFFINGTON POST
    • “Nothing over-thought or overwrought here: The Two Tens serve up lightning-quick garage rock that turns the clock back to first-wave punk. The single ‘Scene’ persistently asks ‘Where’s your scene?’ and delivers an answer in just over two minutes: Wherever you’re keeping your old Ramones vinyl. As adrenaline rushes go, this is just about perfect.” – BUZZBANDS LA
    • “Dynamic Los Angeles rock duo The Two Tens originally played together in the band Adam Bones but when that band began to falter, they realized that it was time for a change. With a similar sense of humor, work ethic and musical chemistry that just clicked, they knew that they could put their punk rock influences and penchant for having fun to good use. And boy are we glad they did!” – GRIMY GOODS
    • “The Two Tens exude a ferocious sound live and we don’t see any signs of them letting up.” – LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE
    • “….an intensely raw performance.” – L.A. RECORD
    • “While most rock ‘n’ roll duos with a male guitar player and a female drummer invariably draw lazy comparisons to the White Stripes, Los Angeles’s The Two Tens are committed wholeheartedly to power-punk, and have more in common with the Mr. T Experience and the Briefs. Frontman Adam Bones and drummer Rikki Styxx fervently espouse the philosophy of short, fast, and loud. With songs rarely passing the three-minute mark, the Two Tens summon the frantic, f**k-all energy of the Ramones, if the Ramones had smiled a lot more and sneered a lot less. If these two are as fun to watch live as they are to listen to, tonight will be the most dumb fun you’ve had since pogoing at your first all-ages show.” – THE PORTLAND MERCURY