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      February 17, 2015
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    • 11/30/23 GA-20 in Pawling, NY at Daryl’s House
    • 12/01/23 GA-20 in Port Washington, NY at Landmark on Main Street
    • 12/02/23 GA-20 in Boston, MA at Brighton Music Hall
    • 12/02/23 SAY SHE SHE in Miami Beach, FL at North Beach Music Festival
    • 12/03/23 SAY SHE SHE in Austin, TX at ACL Live at The Moody Theater

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  • The Delta Routine have just released their fourth full-length album, You And Your Lion. While this effort follows a similar path laid out on their last acclaimed album Cigarettes & Caffeine Nightmares – incorporating elements of garage, power-pop, punk and classic rock – the Milwaukee foursome also add a more rough-hewn Americana undertone to the mix. This decidedly rootsier approach was influenced, in part, by the band’s heavy tour schedule, which as frontman Nick Amadeus admits, “The last year and a half of touring has been pretty important to me… getting to see a ton of the Midwest and East Coast, going into the mountains and seeing Colorado for the first time. Seeing Austin and Texas for the first time, first trip to New Orleans, first time playing Nashville, etc. I think all of that stuff really helped shape the direction of the new album. It’s also probably my closest thing to a travel album. I wrote a good majority of the lyrics on the road and that shows up a lot on this record.”

    The Delta Routine’s You And Your Lion was recorded at the Factory in Chicago and co-produced by bandmembers Mike Hoffmann and Nick Amadeus. It’s available now on both CD and digital formats.


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    The Delta Routine are set to release their third full-length album Cigarettes & Caffeine Nightmares this fall. On it the Milwaukee quintet taps directly into the jugular of early rock-n-roll; distilling the raw, impassioned power and updating it for a younger generation. The eleven tracks traverse through a number of genres, such as garage, power-pop, punk, classic rock and even a bit of earthy Americana for good measure, and while this may not make it easy to categorize, it’s no matter, as it’s sure to get the blood pumping, feet moving, and transform a simple get-together into an instant party.

    While critics have favorably compared some of their previous work to the likes of The Stones, The Black Crowes and The Strokes, what really emerges on Cigarettes & Caffeine Nightmares is the sound of a fully-realized band with their own distant voice in an all too homogenized rock scene. Infectious hooks, strong melodies and indelible riffs abound on this effort, as do the whip-smart lyrics and musical dynamic that swaggers at times, coos at others and, more often than not, explodes with a reckless abandon.

    Cigarettes & Caffeine Nightmares was recorded in Milwaukee and produced by Mike Hoffmann whose production credits include The Verve Pipe, Willie Porter and Victor DeLorenzo (Violent Femmes), among others. The band is comprised of lead singer/rhythm guitar player Nick Amadeus, bassist Evan Paydon, lead guitarist Victor Buell IV, keyboardist Al Kraemer and drummer Kyle Ciske, and on the strength of both their incendiary live shows and 2011 full-length album More About You, the band took home the 2011 Best Band and Best Alternative Artist awards earlier this spring from 88Nine Radio Milwaukee and the WAMI Awards (Wisconsin Area Music Industry), respectively.

    The Delta Routine’s Cigarettes & Caffeine Nightmares will be available October 9th in both CD and Digital formats, and the band will be touring in support of it throughout the year.



    2011 Band of the Year – 88NINE RADIO MILWAUKEE

    2011 Alternative Artist of the Year – WAMI AWARDS (WISCONSIN AREA MUSIC INDUSTRY)

    “I’d like to think the Delta Routine called their new album More About You because Cee-Lo and Bruno Mars beat them to “F**k You.” 2K11’s first great album is one of the great rock and roll kiss-offs. Not a break-up album, it’s the kind of disc you reach for when you’re done with the break-up albums, when you’re ready to stop being mopey and start being pissed off. The Delta Routine have just made a giant leap forward, and one of Milwaukee’s greatest rock records. Ever.” – Joey Taylor / ROCKSPOSURE

    “More About You blends catchy guitar pop (opener “Blame It On Me” and “Felicia”) with swaggering blues-rooted rock and roll that nods at The Black Crowes (“Ain’t Worth Your Wait”), The Who (“Cause We’re Young”) and The Rolling Stones (“Nothing You Can Do”).” – Bobby Tanzilo / ON MILWAUKEE

    Milwaukee’s The Delta Routine emulates the sound and swagger of old-school Rolling Stones, and 2011’s More About You, is a really fun record. “Ain’t Worth Your Wait” is an effective New York Dolls-style glam stomp, and channels both that group and the later solo work of guitarist Sylvain Sylvain. Other tracks find the group practically spelling out its influences in neon: “Cause We’re Young” nicks the opening guitar riff of The Who’s “I Can’t Explain,” while “And It Goes” borrows the rough shuffle of The Strokes’ “Someday.” There’s no denying how great this kind of music can sound live, as long as the beer is flowing and sexy people are shaking their hips in front of the stage. –  Steve Hayden / THE ONION’S A/V CLUB

    “Fast-paced straight-up f**king rock ‘n’ roll, The Delta Routine’s blue toned power-rock sound tells no lies; their style reminiscent of The Black Keys, or a more pop oriented version of early White Stripes.” – Dustin Zarnikow / UWM POST

    “The Delta Routine conjures the sound of vintage Rolling Stones and early punk bands like The Stooges and New York Dolls.” –  SHEPHERD EXPRESS

    “The Delta Routine  come on like a volcano. Live, the act steams up a room. Their following is growing at an amazing rate.” – Lane Klozier / MAXIMUM INK

    “Plays out like the soundtrack to a good night out. It’s very Milwaukee in nature; that is to say, it’s eager and energetic, loads of fun and goes down as smoothly as a pint of Pabst.” – Julie Lawrence / ON MILWAUKEE

    (photo credit: Danielle Hanson at Local Playlist)


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    • "Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s own the Delta Routine both sound like the product of a bygone time for rock and undeniably of their time. With vocal harmonies that bring the Lone Bellow and the Avett Brothers to mind, paired with guitar riffs that would make the Black Crowes proud, You and Your Lion, the latest full-length by the band, is a straight-up blast of energy and a rollicking good time." - POPMATTERS
    • “Over the years, the Delta Routine have perfected the art of fusing together several different styles of rock and roll — like blues, punk and garage — with their own unique Milwaukee-influenced blend of Americana and alt country. On their new track, ‘On a Saturday Night,’ there are no hidden messages; the lyrics, the riffs, the grooves — they effortlessly work together to form a near-perfect rock ballad.” – DIFFUSER.FM
    • "I've lived in a variety of places — Chicago, New York, Knoxville, Tenn. — and it's rare I find music that reminds me of all of them. An exception: The Delta Routine. The Milwaukee-based group is releasing its fourth album, and I think it's a standout, particularly because it blends old-fashioned rock 'n' roll with the rootsy sounds you often find down South. Fellow fans of Americana music should check 'em out, starting with today's Pop Candy premiere of 'Home With You.'" - USA TODAY
    • "The outburst of creativity and inspirations from their time touring can be heard in their fourth and latest album You and Your Lion." - SHEPHERD EXPRESS
    • "Fronted by Nick Amadeus, The Delta Routine doses its poppy garage grit with Americana roots to create a thoroughly Midwestern sound, fueled in part by the slashing guitar of local veteran Mike Hoffmann." - ONMILWAUKEE
    • "… a fantastic collection of rough, rootsy rock. You And Your Lion is a stand-up-and-dance rock album from a band that has been getting critical praise and fan love for several years now." - RUST MAGAZINE
    • "A bluesy, classic-rock sound is rolling out of the Midwest. With a sound that could fit into categories with bands like The White Stripes, The Black Keys and The Rolling Stones, Milwaukee-based band, The Delta Routine, is definitely on to something. With a style that borrows from so many genres and bands, the group makes sure that they can’t be put under any one category exclusively. Their sound is fresh, rough, charging, infectious and incredibly unique." - WUWM RADIO
    • "This album is a good time… powerful… a wonderful dynamic." - GLACIALLY MUSICAL
    • “Certainly, for any fan of Southern influenced Americana/Country rock, this is another mighty fine addition for your probably extensive music collection.” – THE SOUL OF A CLOWN
    • “Milwaukee’s Delta Routine can rock the blues and deliver grade-A hooks just as well as any of its contemporaries. It’s no wonder they’ve been receiving plenty of accolades in their hometown” – MAGNET MAGAZINE
    • “The Delta Routine’s new full-length, Cigarettes and Caffeine Nightmares, is exemplary rock ’n’ roll with overtones of Mott the Hoople and The Rolling Stones circa “Downtown Suzie.” This is a band in control, and all the more rocking for it.” – Edd Hurt / NASHVILLE SCENE
    • On its third full-length album, Cigarettes & Caffeine Nightmares, the band serves up 11 fat-free slices of hooky, slithery, and perfectly pitched tunes that wouldn’t be out of place in the early ’00s—or the ’70s that inspired those early ’00s. It’s an unabashedly enjoyable collection from one of Milwaukee’s most unabashedly populist bands. Cigarettes & Caffeine is a big step up from 2011’s More About You, and finds The Delta Routine up to its ears in songs exceedingly well-crafted. – Matt Wild / THE ONION A.V.CLUB
    • “On its third full-length album, Cigarettes & Caffeine Nightmares, Milwaukee’s The Delta Routine once again assume the tired-and-true rock stance by mining the classic, guitar-driven treasures of the past. Singer-songwriter Nick Amadeus injects a bluesy swagger into the proceedings, while his band does its best to summon up the hard-living, pre-gentrified ghosts of a mid-’70s CBGB. The good news is that they pull it off—the album is a big step up from 2011’s More About You.” – Matt Wild / THE ONION’S A.V. CLUB
    • “The Delta Routine ups the ante on their new full-length Cigarettes & Caffeine Nightmares, an album that finds the band hitting their stride like never before.” – Joshua Miller / SHEPHERD EXPRESS
    • "I won't waste your time now," Delta Routine frontman Nick Amadeus sings with his Liam Gallagher-esque vocals on the opening track. He's true to his word. At 32 minutes, the album is mercifully low on fat but thrills all the same with warped organ and guitar reverb snarls on "Switchblade." Likewise, "Around Your Neck" does its bluesy, White Stripes-like, swagger-soaked thing in less than two minutes' time.” - Piet Levy / JOURNAL SENTINEL
    • “ The Delta Routine’s latest album, ‘Cigarettes and Caffeine Nightmares’, offers up songs that are filled with infectious hooks and strong melodies.” - CW’S PLACE
    • “Harsh, cathartic boogie marinated in loose, blues-rock grooves and swamp-water bop.” - John Noyd / MAXIMUM INK
    • “The Delta Routine’s new single "Switchblade,” from their new album Cigarettes and Caffeine Nightmares sounds like early Oasis, but with a definite Midwest vibe.” - 88NINE RADIO MILWAUKEE
    • “Down-and-dirty barroom blues/rock.” - WHEN YOU MOTOR AWAY
    • “If you love a mixture of 60s rock ‘n’ roll, angsty punk and modern day indie, then The Delta Routine’s Cigarettes & Caffeine Nightmares is definitely an album you’ll love.” – SHOW ME SOMETHING DIFFERENT: UK
    • “Think late ‘60s, ‘70s rock ‘n’ roll (Bolan and Stones)… Cigarettes & Caffeine Nightmares is worth adding to your collection” – MUSIC EYES: UK
    • “The Delta Routine continue to maintain their fun, distinctive sound while supplying us with fresh new hits to dance to on their third full-length record, Cigarettes and Caffeine. – LOCAL PLAYLIST
    • “A great band. I love then a lot.” - FROM THE BURRO
    • “The Delta Routine’s third album, “Cigarettes and Caffeine Nightmares,” is a collection of hook heavy, hard charging anthems. I’m betting you’ll dig it.” - BERKELEY PLACE BLOG
    • “Nods appreciatively at the likes of The Rolling Stones, Oasis and The Strokes whilst ensuring they don't just sound like copycats.” – PLUG IN MUSIC
    • “Clocking in at 35 minutes, The Delta Routine’s “Cigarettes and Caffeine Nightmares” is a kick in the pants of blues rock, garage rock, power pop, and America. Brash and irresistibly fun. You don't want to sleep on this album. The Delta Routine is here to stay. Hopefully it's only a matter of time before they get the appreciation and following they so richly deserve.” - ADOBE & TEARDROPS