• Release
      JAN. 14, 2014

  • Conceived in Toledo, OH with a home base in sister city Detroit, Silent Lions are the sinister twosome of heavy-soul. Dean Tartaglia simultaneously plays effected octave bass, sampled synths, and manipulated atmospheric vocals, all while drummer Matt Klein grooves and thrashes beside him, often providing soulful singalong melodies and harmonies. The duo’s live shows sound as thick and creamy as they do on record. Their music has been tagged as “spooky soul,” “chill punk” and “Hall and Oates stoner rock.”

    Silent Lions’ upcoming sophomore six-song EP, The Compartments, is a deeper exploration into genre manipulation. From hip-hop to stoner rock, Silent Lions create moments of lo-fi chaos out of hi-fi clarity. With their unofficial third member Zach Shipps (Electric Six) producing, The Compartments takes enough risks to turn your head, but never strays from SiLi’s visceral, trademark, super sub bass and drum sound.

    Dean started making his mark nationally with Detroit local legends The Sights, touring the U.S. and Europe supporting Tenacious D. Silent Lions are proud to continuously share bills with some of the best new artists in the scene (Mr. Gnome, Jamaican Queens, Bad Veins).

    Silent Lions’ The Compartments EP will be available January 14, 2014 on vinyl, digital & CD formats through the band’s own label, Nah Collective.


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    • “Silent Lions approach genre-bending with an almost demented sense of freedom that gives their music an art-damaged edge while sparking it with an air of celebration. None of the style manipulations ever sound contrived, and familiar ingredients fall together in audacious but unobtrusive ways.” - ALARM MAGAZINE
    • “Silent Lions are arguably the most inherently nocturnal band since Morphine. All in all, their new EP The Compartments leaves them poised for a stellar full-length debut.” - POPMATTERS
    • “Take the grimy pop and blues of the Black Keys and hammer it into the distorted psychedelia of Tame Impala, and you’ll get to the edge of the Silent Lions’ den.” – DETROIT METRO TIMES
    • “We really dig Silent Lions’ greasy track ‘Crash & Burn’!” - THE BIG TAKEOVER
    • “When you first give the Silent Lions a listen, you might think they're a quartet or even a quintet, but they are, in fact, a two-piece band — Dean Tartaglia and Matt Klein — from Toledo which maximizes its talents by producing a big and layered sound it calls heavy soul.” - TOLEDO BLADE
    • “… both haunting and bold in sound.” – ARTSWRAP: UK
    • “Somewhere between the Motor City power of the White Stripes, the cool, disaffected air of Death From Above 1979 and A Tribe Called Quest’s chilled-out, murky funk, the Silent Lions preen and groom themselves. A sinister twosome of heavy drum and bass funk punk, Dean Tartaglia (bass, synth, vocals) and Matt Klein (drums) should be feeling pride: their sophomore release, the six-track EP, The Compartments, is an impeccable effort of all the qualities that still makes rock and roll so volatile and seductive.” - BEAT ROUTE
    • “… truly original and captivating.” - POP BREAK
    • “…some seriously cool beats.” – THE POST CULTURE
    • “This sinister sounding duo are on this blog’s radar for good.“ – I AM TURNED UP
    • Silent Lions are re-setting the mold for what an “indie band” can do. - TOLEDO CITY PAPER
    • These guys really have a sound all their own. Everyone should be listening to this band. - HIP IN DETROIT
    • Silent Lions create a solid, heavy and distinct sound, one that’s fully rounded in all the right places. The band uses a variety of different effects, pedals and echoes to achieve this sound, and the result is a sonic assault on the senses. - DAYTON CITY PAPER
    • Silent Lions are known to calm the chaos with a smooth does of silky sax. They’re a fun show live and equally enjoyable to listen to recorded, so scope out their first EP via Bandcamp and get acquainted. - INDIE SHUFFLE
    • Dean Tartaglia and Matt Klein band together to bring you titillating bass, thrashing drums, atmospheric synth and some fuzzy vocals. The supergroup’s track “ripe•people” has an erie flare, mixed with a melancholy rhythm that will leave you feeling relaxed albeit a bit perplexed. - SSG MUSIC (Seattle)
    • Silent Lions' "ripe•people” isn't a slow-build, it's not a grand finale; it's one of those songs that's simply good enough to carry on twice as long as your regular pop/rock song without you even realizing. You don't get bored, you don't feel that it's repetitive, it just works. Whether it's the speaker-busting bassline, the reverby vocals or the general power that's generated, they could probably make it 15 minutes long without sacrificing the quality. It's a wall of warm, buzzing noise that feels both urgent and vital, as well as laid-back and chilled. How they manage that is a bit of a mystery, but they do. - SOUND OF CONFUSION (UK)