• Release
      Ties of Blood and Affection
      August 11, 2017

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    • 04/23/21 DELVON LAMARR ORGAN TRIO in Portland, OR at Jack London Revue
    • 04/24/21 CHARLES ELLSWORTH in Salt Lake City, UT at Beehive Distilling
    • 04/24/21 DELVON LAMARR ORGAN TRIO in Portland, OR at Jack London Revue
    • 04/27/21 CHARLES ELLSWORTH in Salt Lake City, UT at Bar X
    • 04/30/21 CHARLES ELLSWORTH in Salt Lake City, UT at Beehive Distilling
    • 05/16/21 DELVON LAMARR ORGAN TRIO in Alexandria, VA at Birchmere Music Hall

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    When Jeremy Pinnell released OH/KY in the summer of 2015 to stunned acclaim, it felt like an entire career compressed into one knock-out album. This unassuming northern Kentucky singer-songwriter sauntered and ripped through ten instant country classics that tracked as so confident and comfortable that it could have been mistaken for a seasoned musician’s creative peak. The songs themselves, reverent of Americana’s most enduring traditions, presented the man’s scope – his misadventures, loves, failures, and contradictions. Hailed as a “mind-blowingly good” (Greg Vandy, KEXP) “tutorial on classic country music” (Popmatters), Pinnell’s debut immediately differentiated as authentic and unflinching.

    If OH/KY was the self-assured introduction of an unconventional new talent, his 2017 album Ties of Blood and Affection presents a canny lateral move. Instead of doubling down on the stark themes and values of his debut, this sophomore album finds Pinnell finding comfort in his own skin and achieving the redemption only hinted at in his previous batch of haunted songs. Here Pinnell joyfully embraces the working life, family obligations, and faith. His new stories delve into acceptance and survival, all the while investigating his most challenging chapter yet: adulthood. While “If life don’t get any better / I’m alright with this” isn’t an out-right triumph, it’s an honest revelation.

    Musically, Ties of Blood and Affection also maintains a comfortable and confident stride. Pinnell’s songs are shot through with honest and classic elements; rooted in his steady acoustic guitar, the tunes chug along in a spring-reverb dream from somewhere between, say, 1955 and 1975 – unearthing a sweet secret cache of songs that “Waylon Jennings might have written if he had cut a record with Alex Chilton” (Portland Tribune).

    Jeremy Pinnell’s Ties of Blood and Affection is out now on CD, digital and streaming formats via SofaBurn Records. Order here.

    1 Ballad of 1892
    2 Take the Wheel
    3 Feel This Right
    4 Different Kind of Love
    5 I Don’t Believe
    6 I’m Alright With This
    7 Best I Could Do
    8 Ain’t Nothing Wrong
    9 The Way We See Heaven



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    Jeremy Pinnell, Northern Kentucky’s son from across the river, is a soft-spoken man, born to an area that is equal parts Southern hospitality, Northern attitude and Midwestern charm. Raised from humble beginnings of singing in church and learning the guitar from his father, his craft quickly made heads turn and rooms fall silent. But with his departure from home at 18 to venture into the unknown with only his music, this young man soon found himself surrounded by the demons of the world he used to try and sing away.

    The stories told are true, not embellished folklore. (”With an almost uncomfortable accuracy — the kind of dark, ominous emotions most people try to bury” – Citybeat Cincinnati). Jeremy will not speak of them – only sing. While he has returned to his humble beginnings and is living an honest life, his experiences must be heard to be believed. They are real, and most importantly, never forgotten.

    OH/KY tells the story of the next 18 years of Jeremy’s life, and it’s a damn good story. It has all the things people love to read about. And most of all, it’s a true story that’s been recorded in the most honest way possible. The album was cut over the course of three days in a recording studio located in the small river town of Covington, KY. The group of players on the album are The 55s, a honky tonk band out of The Queen City who lay the foundation so Jeremy’s voice can shine and his story can come to life.

    Jeremy Pinnell’s new debut studio album OH/KY is out now via Sofaburn Records. Order here.


    1. The Way Country Sounds
    2. Rodeo
    3. Loose Women
    4. Big Bright World
    5. Sleep Song
    6. Light Me Up
    7. Outlaw Life
    8. Them Days And Nights
    9. Cold Cold Wind
    10. Angel Of Mine










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    • "Hardscrabble honky-tonk at its best, nodding to Johnny Cash and Buck Owens in equal measure. 'Ties of Blood and Affection' is a stellar collection that could earn Pinnell comparisons to Sturgill Simpson.” - ROLLING STONE
    • “The long-awaited follow-up doesn't disappoint and neither does the genius of Jeremy Pinnell' – COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE UK
    • “Pinnell’s strikingly honest songs carry just enough grit and pain to make it clear that he has lived exactly what he’s preaching. Between his voice, lyrics and perpetually chugging acoustic guitar, this unassuming singer definitely stacks up to his country music peers like fellow Kentuckian Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton.” – GLIDE MAGAZINE
    • “… the antithesis of so-called “Bro Country,” deeply introspective and starkly honest and vulnerable.” – CITY BEAT
    • “… a country-star-in-the-making” – BLURT MAGAZINE
    • “… something truly special. Ties of Blood and Affection steps things up to a new level, as Pinnell sounds even more comfortable and poised. The songs are as honest and contemplative as ever, but there’s less darkness on Ties, as Pinnell moves away from pain and regret and toward a sense of redemption and joy. Backed by a band that beautifully captures the spirit of the best of vintage Honky Tonk and Outlaw Country and buoyed by unfussy production that presents the music nakedly, Ties of Blood and Affection more than proves that Pinnell deserves to have his name added to the list of artists who are fueling the current ‘real Country’ resurgence.” - CINCINNATI ENQUIRER
    • “You don't come across many albums that are as pure country as this one. If you're a fan of classic country, this is an album you should add to your collection - not to mention your heavy rotation.” – AXS
    • [9/10 stars] “Ties Of Blood And Affection is one of the country albums of 2017. It is quite brilliant.” - MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC
    • “The excellent new album was recorded live to analog tape and the Kentucky-based singer-songwriter continues to perfect his classic Country & Western sound highlighted by his honest, personal songwriting that deals with themes of family and faith. The aching pedal steel and twangy guitar lines that wind around Pinnell’s melodies like a back country road serve as the perfect companion to his whiskey-soaked voice.” - ATLAS AND THE ANCHOR
    • “… a collection of roadhouse country songs that celebrate contentment.” - CINCINNATI MAGAZINE
    • "... old-school country, with waltzes and Western swings and drum brushes and steel guitars, sort of like what Waylon Jennings might have written if he had cut a record with Alex Chilton. Fans of soulful hillbilly music must check out OH/KY.” - THE PORTLAND TRIBUNE
    • “Kentuckian Jeremy Pinnell's tune ‘Rodeo’ hits all the country-tune sweet spots. His voice is strong and a little mournful -- you can feel his ache seep through the speakers as you listen -- and the rhythm section shuffles along gently. Weepy pedal steel licks feel just right as Pinnell sings a regretful refrain of ‘I did it again,’ a familiar sentiment for any of us who've ever done a little backsliding.” - THE BLUEGRASS SITUATION
    • “Sorrow and loss are deeply woven in to the country music fabric, but they’re especially critical elements to the new LP by Jeremy Pinnell, OH/KY. With a gruff voice and a strong grasp on what real country sounds like, Pinnell spins a series of compelling yarns on the album that document the hardships of the past 18 years of his life, from drug addiction to failed relationships. These tunes a tutorial on classic country music.” – POPMATTERS
    • "Mind-blowingly good. It’s my summer album so far, and pretty much the definition of 'hard country.'" - Greg Vandy / KEXP's THE ROADHOUSE / AMERICAN STANDARD TIME
    • [9/10 STARS!] The ten songs here are all exemplars of Country tradition be it Hank or Merle or Waylon, "Light Me Up" could have been penned by any of them. Pinnell hits the spot each time; the barrelling "Outlaw Life," the drug soaked "Rodeo," "Cold Cold Wind's" lazy swing and "Loose Women's" sorrowful sense of regret. If a wallow in a tear-stained bar with heavenly pedal steel floating around you is your sense of a good time then OH/KY is essential." - AMERICANA UK
    • "A fantastic record" - GHETTOBLASTER MAGAZINE
    • “Pinnell’s latest album plays in its own world, somewhere between a record and a book, and the characters possess you. Once it stops playing you’ll want to hear it again. OH/KY is the one of the strongest records I’ve heard this year.” - AMERICAN STANDARD TIME
    • “These days, country music brings to mind overly polished pop music with a twang. Jeremy Pinnell plays country music — but it isn’t that. This is old-school, hard country in the vein of Waylon Jennings and Sturgill Simpson.” – THE DAVIS ENTERPRISE
    • BEST OF 2015: "Jeremy Pinnell serves up a 100-proof potion of unvarnished Country & Western woe while proving himself a powerful story-teller on this vein-opening collection of personal vignettes. Hard country with a capital 'H.'" - RHODE ISLAND CENTRAL
    • “If you're a fan of classic county - and particularly honky-tonk music - this is an album that belongs in your collection” – AXS
    • “OH/KY shines because Jeremy sings about the times he won't talk about. The songs are brutally honest. It feels like both a warning and an apology. This album will give you chills, but only if you have a soul. - GLACIALLY MUSICAL
    • “Pinnell know indeed how infectious country should sound, with plenty of pedal steel guitar and soul… painfully honest.” SOUNDZ MAGAZINE
    • “A tribute to pure, authentic country…Pinnell captivates the listener until the end.” - KEYS & CHORDS
    • “Jeremy Pinnell’s new song “Big Bright World” is about as authentic as country gets: western swing rhythms, weeping pedal still, deep-voiced sadness, and a narrator with a former drug problem. Still, the sun shines through, just like the title suggests.” - INDEPENDENT CLAUSES
    • “One of my favorite new finds.” – Sean Moeller/ DAYTROTTER
    • “This is about as pure a distillation of old-timey country that you may get to hear this year. So close up them honky tonks: there’s a new kid on the block. His name is Jeremy Pinnell and his take on a solid tradition is electrifying, even if the guitars are strummed acoustically, and the beats shuffle. OH/KY is a bold record, and thoroughly enjoyable.” – INVISIBLE INK
    • [4.5/5 stars] “… a remarkable solo debut. With Cincinnati honky-tonk band The 55’s backing him, Pinnell dives head-first into old-school country music on this sublime release. I can’t recommend this one highly enough.” - PITTSBURGH IN-TUNE
    • “… a pure, unabashed country album. More than the lyrics even, it's Pinnell's separation of his more recent past and his musical roots that makes OH/KY a touching portrait of a man who's ready to face his fears and grow.” - ADOBE & TEARDROPS
    • "Somewhere between honky tonk and Bakersfield sounding country, Jeremy's album is a new take on old school country." - KDRT RADIO
    • "This is old-school, hard country in the vein of Waylon Jennings and Sturgill Simpson." - THE DAVIS ENTERPRISE