• Release
      Oct. 23, 2012
  • Tour Dates

    • 11/30/23 GA-20 in Pawling, NY at Daryl’s House
    • 12/01/23 GA-20 in Port Washington, NY at Landmark on Main Street
    • 12/02/23 GA-20 in Boston, MA at Brighton Music Hall
    • 12/02/23 SAY SHE SHE in Miami Beach, FL at North Beach Music Festival
    • 12/03/23 SAY SHE SHE in Austin, TX at ACL Live at The Moody Theater

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  • Remember when rock’n’roll seemed to have it all? Passion, power, chemistry… and timeless songs that people could relate to? Hero Jr. does. And their forthcoming full-length debut Backup Plan is the perfect document to prove it.

    On it, the Indy-based foursome combine soaring vocals, stinging guitars and driving rhythms and channel them into 11 indelible, hook-filled songs that help define the blur between ’70s classic rock, the angst of the Alternative Nation and modern indie-rock. The band consists of brothers Evan Haughey (vocals/guitar) & Matthew Haughey (drums/vocals), along with bassist Dave DuBrava and the most recent addition to the band, guitarist Ken Rose (Marianne Faithfull). Backup Plan was produced and engineered by Paul Mahern (T-Bone Burnett, The Fray, Iggy Pop, John Mellencamp, Afghan Whigs, etc.) and Ken Rose, and was recorded at both Livingston Studios in London and Mahern’s White Arc Studio in Bloomington, IN.

    Some have favorably referred to Hero Jr.’s music as having a radio friendly edge to it, which is certainly true. These aren’t tunes tweely plinked-out on a toy piano with a banana by today’s cool kids, but rather thoughtful, intelligent and expertly performed songs that hit extremely hard – affecting the head, heart and, yes, ass in equal measure.

    Hero Jr.’s Backup Plan is out now in CD and Digital formats.




    1. Anne Boleyn

    2. Strongest Weakness

    3. What’s On The Inside

    4. Naked

    5. Holding On Without Handles

    6. Bottom Of The End

    7. Learning To Stand

    8. Love Enough For Everyone

    9. Cracked and Kindred

    10. Matchstick Tongue

    11. I Was Made To Hold You

    “Hero Jr.’s album is a polished survey of modern rock that isn’t too quirky or too brutish to turn off mainstream listeners. Lead singer, Evan Haughey, sounds like Kings of Leon front man Caleb Followill when he’s worked up and going for broke. Hero Jr. has everything in its right place. Haughey’s guitar licks, which range from gritty to artfully restrained, sound great, and his voice is radio-ready.” – David Lindquist / INDIANAPOLIS STAR

    “Hero Jr. plays a solid post 90’s rock with a radio ready sound. They rock it out with a top 40 consciousness. In a music scene full of art rockers, I’m glad to see a band that’s not afraid to be likeable.” – Wayne Bertsch / NUVO WEEKLY

    “Hero Jr. seemed to stumble on a formula for success right out of the gate: write a strong, catchy record, promote like hell and play the biggest shows you can get your hands on.” – Dan Fahrner / MUSICAL FAMILY TREE

    “Straight-up, no gimmicks rock n’ roll.” – INDY CONCERTS


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    • "Each song on Hero Jr.'s new album Backup Plan is a powerhouse of hook-laden melodic rock. It's the magical blend of '70s groove, '80s brashness, '90s hooks, and millennial pop. In short, it's unforgettable." - ADOBE AND TEARDROPS
    • "Hero Jr.’s full-length debut Backup Plan is a refreshing change of sound, mixing up a bit of classic and '90s rock and expanding on the raw power of groups like Mother Love Bone in their heyday." - INSOMNIA RADIO
    • "To say that Hero Jr.'s new single 'Naked' is three minutes of guitar heaven is a bit of an understatement, as the riffs really carry the track. Backed up by a constant heartbeat courtesy of drummer Matthew Haughey behind Evan Haughey’s Caleb Followill-esque vocals, it’s an incredibly addictive song." - SHOW ME SOMETHING DIFFERENT: UK
    • Editor's Pick Best of Indy - NUVO WEEKLY
    • "Hero Jr. have a sound that’s unmistakably U.S. rock. You get the feeling they could have released their single "Ann Boleyn" any time from the last forty years and it’d stand a chance at college radio airplay and southern cook-outs, yet it manages to have just enough freshness to get played here in the U.K." - SUPAJAM/UK
    • "Rock at its finest." - METROMIX INDIANAPOLIS
    • "The music Hero Jr. brings on Backup Plan is worth some serious exploration. Lead singer Evan Haughey is gifted with magnificent pipes, his vocals soaring over a guitar-heavy alternative groove which reminds instantly of a cross between nineties-era Tonic and pretty much anything by the Black Crowes or Cracker." - HEAR HEAR MUSIC
    • [5 out of 5] "Hero Jr.'s high energy, hook driven rock-and-roll comes through in waves with their debut studio album, Backup Plan." - THE RIPPLE EFFECT