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      October 2, 2011


    The phrase “Long Live All of Us” is the title of Glossary’s seventh full-length album, but it’s also meant as an all-inclusive homage to humanity.  Frontman Joey Kneiser says, in light of all the bad things happening in the world, the band just wanted to make a positive record.

    Long Live All of Us allowed the band from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to take their influences farther than ever before, adding piano, haunting pedal steel, R&B-influenced horns and more to their own style of romanticized rock & roll.  The songs are well-intentioned narratives that emphasize the great attributes of mankind — mercy, redemption, forgiveness and second chances.

    Over a period of one month, the band transformed a house in rural Rockvale, Tennessee, into a recording studio and self-produced Long Live All of Us with friend and engineer Mikey Allred.  The setting, joked Kneiser, would have fit perfectly into a Glossary song.  The house was sandwiched between a church and a condemned meth lab, which was still wrapped in police tape.

    Previous records — like 2010’s Feral Fire on Lucero’s Liberty & Lament label — were all recorded in 10 days or less, and were made to have a live feel.  For the first time ever, the band had the luxury of time on its side.

    “That’s the rock & roll dream…to live in a house and write and record together all day,” says Kneiser. “It allowed us a chance to experiment, and if you really wanted to do something you could take the time to make it happen.  It was really one of the greatest creative experiences that I’ve ever had.”

    The result is a hodgepodge of American music, similar to the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street or the Clash’s London Calling — records that spanned many different musical genres.  For example, Long Live All of Us switches from a Gospel-influenced song to a hopping, R&B-styled groove, and then to a crawling, country-tinged ballad and on to a soulful, up-tempo rock song.  Jim Spake (Al Green, Alex Chilton, John Hiatt, Lucero … so many more) and Nahshon Benford  (Snowglobe, Lucero) both from Memphis added horns on several tracks, including jaunty, Stax-like rhythmic horns on “A Shoulder to Cry On” and a lyrical baritone sax solo on “Under the Barking Moon.”

    “In the end,” Kneiser says, “when everything around us is constantly reminding us of what we’re doing wrong, we just wanted to remind us of what we’re doing right.”

    “The best thing that we have going as human beings is each other,” he says.

    Glossary is 
Bingham Barnes  (bass), Kelly Kneiser (vocals, percussion), Joey Kneiser (vocals and guitar)
, Todd Beene (pedal steel, guitar, vocals)
 and Eric Giles (drums).




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    • It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what Glossary does, and that’s a great thing — each time a different influence appears in their music, it’s like finding another present hidden under the Christmas tree. In their 15-year career, they’ve soaked up college rock, old-school rock, country, soul and many more, and distilled them into what is best defined as Glossary music. Frontman Joey Kneiser and his crack team approach the pinnacle of musicians’ aspirations on their latest album, Long Live All of Us, delivering unforced songs that speak to universal hopes and fears on a very personal level. - NASHVILLE SCENE
    • Long Live All of Us is the best of the seven albums that this Tennessee-based band has recorded. - SALT LAKE CITY WEEKLY
    • Glossary's Long Live All of Us has logically been compared to the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street and music of The Band for its natural, wood-grained rock feel. On these 10 tracks aspects of Southern rock, moving balladry and soul-fried, Memphis-style grooves blend in with sounds from the '70s, suitable for the '10s. It's a winner, whether judged by the new Southern rock, Americana or whatever rock yardstick. - SANTA BARBARA NEWS-PRESS
    • Long Live All of Us is an accomplished work without sacrificing the earthy charm that fuels many of Glossary's earlier songs. - SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE
    • In a succinct three minutes, the galloping, soulful rocker "When We Were Wicked" (from Glossary's latest album Long Live All Of Us) nails that rush felt by many of us when we were in our late teens and 20s—a combination of anything-could-happen abandon and a pure devotion to the joy of music. Long Live All of Us is an homage to the positive, life-affirming nature of rock 'n' roll. - TUCSON WEEKLY
    • Glossary’s albums have always showcased their musicianship and writing abilities, but when you hear them live you can truly understand how good these guys are. - ATLANTA EXAMINER
    • These are some great southern rock folks you don’t want to miss. - THE TUPELO COURIER
    • It's hard to label Glossary under any one genre, besides maybe the best band you've never heard of, as the group blends Americana, rock, R&B, gospel, soul and country." - THE OXFORD EAGLE
    • A long-standing Southern-rock institution that brings its own character, soul, and musicality to the sub-genre. - MEMPHIS FLYER
    • Long Live All of Us is another stage in Glossary’s development from scrappy indie rock to a classic rock ’n’ roll band. Guitarist/pedal steel player Todd Beene, who has played with Glossary for a decade, also plays with Memphis’ Lucero, and helped recruit Jim Spake, a Memphis saxophonist who has played with and arranged horn sections for Lucero, Alex Chilton, Solomon Burke, and Southern Culture on the Skids. Spake’s horn arrangements on Long Live All of Us expands on Glossary’s blueprint of country-flavored indie rock with adding R&B, soul, and blues overtones. It’s a next step for the band, but not necessarily one that anyone following the group’s career would have predicted. - METRO PULSE
    • Equal parts southern sunshine and rock and roll. - LOS ANGELES RECORD
    • At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, it's criminal that not every single person reading this has heard of Glossary. - ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS
    • Glossary is a quintessential American rock and roll band. They may not be well known outside of their genre and region, but they are all that American music should be. - ANCHORAGE PRESS
    • You can’t get more genuine than Tennessee’s Glossary. Offering up a hodgepodge of rock, R&B, gospel and country, they burst with unconditionally good vibes. - SAN DIEGO CITY BEAT
    • Southern rock fivesome Glossary combines slightly southern-fried riffs and the tropes of pop music for an alternately (and sometimes simultaneously) gospel, country and top 40 vibe. - ALIBI WEEKLY: ALBUQUERQUE
    • Glossary has not only gotten better at writing, recording and performing, but it has also progressed and matured thanks to several musical influences on their recent album Long Live All of Us. - LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL
    • A remarkable Southern rock ‘n’ roll album filled with songs of mercy, redemption, salvation. - SYNC WEEKLY: LITTLE ROCK
    • [Top 10 Albums of the Year] The soulful songwriting and infectious harmonies on Glossary's Long Live All of Us may have flown beneath the radar of the mainstream, but that in no way indicates the impact of this songset.- HONEST TUNE
    • Glossary's most recent album, Long Live All of Us, is a shot of measured optimism and a quiet celebration of life -- something we could all use. - ADOBE AND TEARDROPS
    • This is rock and roll. This is the real shit. Two guitars, bass, keys, drums, and a kickass backup singer… with stories and music that connect. - MANKIND CHASING ITS TAIL
    • “With the band's seventh independent album, Long Live All Of Us, Glossary delivers a strong rock 'n' soul collection that leans more pronouncedly towards Memphis and Stax Records than it does to Nashville and Music Row. Lead singer and songwriter Joey Kneiser has long been one of the most underrated scribes in indie rock, and he outdoes himself with a stellar collection of songs on Long Live All Of Us.” – BLURT
    • “If there’s any justice in this old world, at least a quarter of the people who bought the most recent album by Wilco (America’s current can-do-no-wrong sweethearts of the rodeo) will lay hands to Glossary’s Long Live All Of Us - one of the year's best band-for-Everyman albums. This is what music sounds like that’s played because it has to be – rather than because the band can afford to. You need to partake of this, people." – JAMBANDS / RELIX
    • “Long Live All Of Us ranks as one of the year's best releases.” - SWAMPLAND
    • “Long Live All of Us doesn’t introduce a brand-new Glossary – they’re still a Southern rock ‘n’ roll band, with all the heart and grit that comes along with that descriptor. It just shows their best attributes sharpened, deepened, clarified – refined into the album the band’s long-dedicated fans always knew Glossary had in them.” – ART TOWN NASHVILLE
    • “Long Live All Of Us feels like dancing barefoot in a field with your girl. It’s Essential Listening and probably the best album to come out this year.” – NINE BULLETS