Englishman is the song-vehicle for Lexington, KY native Andrew English (The Scourge of the Sea).  From the first handcrafted EP, Taxidermy (2009), through a flurry of east-coast traveling and some handsome compliments, Englishman’s first complete album is here.

Englishman’s self-titled debut full-length was produced by Justin Craig (These United States), a long time collaborator and honorary band member.  It arrives after English and Matt Duncan (Keyboard/Vocals) spent a year sharing stages with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Deer Tick, Vandaveer, Lost in the Trees, Frontier Ruckus, Sam Quinn, and many other fine folks.  Cut to tape in the converted barn English helped to build on a rural Ohio farm, it is at once familiar and haunted.  The ten snowy days of recording were broken up by family style meals of summer vegetables and winter toddies.  This is likely to be the coziest new album for the coming cold, and any stormy weather hereafter.

“This November, Englishman released their debut, a fantastic self-titled LP of eleven tracks. The songs are polished and consistently good, which is quite frustrating because I thought that I’d already decided the albums that were going to be on my top ten of 2010 list. English’s voice is reminiscent of a less nasal version of the great John Darnielle and the arrangements are folky with just enough production to be powerful without losing the intimacy…  this is worth your while.” – SSG MUSIC

“Warm, unassuming, golden-throated pop; former Scourge of the Sea Andrew English’s fractured fables-turned-poignant parables make playfully plaintive, happily galloping troubadour poetry. Washed in inquisitive innocence and plummeting conundrums, the cleverly cozy “Englishman” shines in simple pleasures. Refreshingly buoyant and quietly subversive.” – MAXIMUM INK MAGAZINE

“Englishman has a talent for ensconcing its words with the perfect chord here and electronic fuzz there. Cozy and accessible, Englishman gives listeners something to sink into. Beautiful melodies and lyrical delights arise at every pass, each listen yielding something new.” – MIXTAPES/HEARTBREAKS

“Andrew English shares similar vocal stylings with the likes of Samuel Beam of Iron & Wine, Ben Gibbard and even M. Ward.  His work with Englishman hasn’t changed his approach to music and it seems to be well respected in both the indie and folk communities.” – TRI-STATE INDIE

[TOP 10 BEST ALBUM OF 2010] Sounding like a combination of established troubadours Colin Meloy and John Darnielle, Andrew English is a gifted songwriter in his own right, with words that match his melodies in their remarkable depth. The album is clearly a home recording with a thin layer of white noise on the top, but still sounds carefully put together and totally void of filler. Rookie of the year.” – PAGE 43 music blog

“… a record that is wonderfully simple. It is full of sparse, minimal folk melodies and lovely harmonies offering subtle musical shades of heartbreak and enchantment in equal measure.” – THE MAD MACKEREL / UK

“…a very charming self-titled album of indie folk.” – Rob Thomas / THE CAPITAL TIMES

Thoughtful, delicate songs with a full, acoustic sound, supported by some friends to make loud, pretty pop ditties.” – PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY

“For this follow-up to last year’s EP Taxidermy, English gains competent assistance from Justin Craig’s warm, inviting, bare-necessities-only production, laid down over 10 days in a converted barn in rural Ohio. English’s voice recalls the best characteristics of The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle and James Taylor: kind, tuneful and buoyed by distinctiveness.” – Mat Herron / LEO WEEKLY

“…a back-to-basics, Bon Iver-esque feel.” – ISTHMUS / MADISON

“This bearded folk-pop upstart and his two-man band have been opening for some big indie names lately, including Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Clem Snide and Vandaveer…. they belong in the next class of unlikely idols.”  – THE DAILY PAGE / MADISON

“English’s buttery James Taylor voice cozies up to the twinkling chimes and soft keys on “Angels And Earthworms” and the strident drums chasing “Oohs” and “Aahs” on “First Prize.” With These United States’ Justin Craig adding warm, hazy production, Englishman’s new album doesn’t immediately seize the moment, but its sturdy construction promises it will be there for you for years to come.” – THE ONION

“The album explores the same bedroom-pop soundscapes of Taxidermy but builds on those arrangements with sounder production and more complex instrumentation. English’s voice sometimes sounds like a more reigned in John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, and his words sometimes carry a similar quirkiness. It’s his witty, stream-of-consciousness lyrics and subtle musical choices, such as the gorgeous conclusion of album opener “Planted,” that propel English’s otherwise straightforward folk-pop to new heights. Englishman is well deserving of a careful listen. – CAPTAIN OBVIOUS

“Keeping things simple can be an effective way to keep melody at the forefront, a lesson that Andrew English, frontman for this minimalist indie pop project, has learned well.  He uses simple folky instrumentation to bolster the melodies and harmonies expertly handled by the lovely vocal performances here.  Subtle and light in a world where there really does seem to be a bit too much sturm und drang.” – PIRATE CAT RADIO / SAN FRANCISCO

“Former Scourge of the Sea frontman Andrew English sequestered himself along with a few cohorts in a cabin a few hours from his native Lexington, KY over the winter in 2009 with a few instruments, an enormous tape machine and not much else. The resulting full-length is a delicate and shimmering showcase for English’s powerful voice, and an impressive first showing for English as a solo artist.” – PLAYBACK MAGAZINE

Kentucky folksters Englishman are bound to turn a lot of heads.” – Bob Marshall / PREFIX MAGAZINE

“… wonderful harmonies and heartbreaking lyrical imagery. Andrew English carries a sense of wisdom in his storytelling that helps him stand out from the flock of singer-songwriters.” – Shannon Cleary / THE RICHMOND SCENE

“Englishman’s Andrew English is a songwriter who writes in a style that reminds of old Grandaddy and All-Time Quarterback material, with a steady steam of gorgeous melody and layers of detailed sounds and beats.” – Sean Moeller / DAYTROTTER

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