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      May 13, 2014


    Some Knives is Collin Herring‘s fifth studio effort, yet it’s his first in nearly five years. “This album has been done for a lot longer than it seems,” the Texas singer-songwriter admits. “Most of the process was coordinating dates and small sessions here and there. Producer and drummer Matt Pence (Centro-matic) was able to hear the demos and the rest was just making it happen. We liked working with Matt and after some discussion about the initial recordings, it was a no brainer that he was going to mix this record as well. We didn’t want anything lost in translation on this project.”

    Herring & Pence were joined in the studio with Jeremy Hull on bass and the singer-songwriter’s father, Ben Roi Herring, on keyboards, pedal steel and backing vocals. “I like that the credits on this album are short. I like small groups,” Herring states. “There was no ‘that sounded good’ and then re-recording it at a later date. We all just played our parts.”

    One of the underlying influences of the album occurred unintentionally during the sessions. As Herring explains, “During the recording process my Dad got cancer and beat it (Remission). Good surgeon and good cannabis oil. There was a point when Dad was laying down the pedal steel on one of the songs that I had to go outside and take a walk. It was emotional. While he was recording he looked up at me with this look on his face that told me his entire story. A look that said this is for you. This note. All these notes. All these bends. Everything that’s weaving around. This is life and it’s not over yet.”

    “We kept the health stuff to ourselves but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it had some impact. Most of the recording was done when we found out but I still feel like, every now and then, that some of the emotional shadows crept onto the recordings.”

    Some Knives is, in fact, an emotional ride, yet it’s a beautiful trip not only shrouded with dark corners, doubt and fear, but also dappled with light and a shimmering sense of hope throughout. These 11 moving tracks, that stylistically traverse through rock, alt.country and even touches of psychedelia, should prove what regional Texas press has already been hailing as both “the torchbearer for alt.country” and “the next big thing.”

    Collin Herring’s Some Knives will be available on CD & digital formats on May 13th. Spring/summer U.S tour dates to be announced soon.


    1. Psychopaths

    2. Some Knives

    3. Covered Up

    4. Higher Ground

    5. Woke Up The Same

    6. One Last Twice

    7. Kicked Around

    8. Different Ways

    9. Hard To Hear

    10. Come Home

    11. Lights At The End



    [Song Premiere: Collin Herring’s “Some Knives”] “The Texas-based singer-songwriter crafts intimate, country-tinged tunes that remind me of some of my favorite bands, like Son Volt and Whiskeytown. Close your eyes and open your ears to this track, and may you be temporarily transported … (And seriously, how great is this song? I’ve heard it about a dozen times already and that’s still not enough!)” – Whitney Matheson / USA TODAY: POP CANDY

    “… a phenomenal album that melds the alt-country and power pop genres with captivating ease. Herring’s songs can be utterly heartbreaking and poetic even when he’s banging the hell out of his guitar.” – DALLAS OBSERVER

    “… electric-honed alt.country in the vein of Son Volt.” – THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE

    “If you are a fan of Matthew Ryan, then adding Herring’s work to your collection is a must. His poetry, robed in rock with a slight spark of twang continues to be an impressive combination.” – TWANGVILLE

    “On Herring’s fourth album, Ocho, the Austin singer/songwriter assembles an eight-song set that often bristles with the Roots/Rock Americana of his first three discs while incorporating more of the kind of atmospheric texturalism found in the wheelhouse of Tom Waits and Chuck Prophet. Herring’s plaintive and tremulous vocal style and disquieting lyrical honesty puts him in proximity to Ryan Adams, Freedy Johnston and Chris Whitley, especially when he goes full bore electric. But when he applies those same gifts in an acoustic Folk direction, there’s a haunted, ethereal quality to the songs reminiscent of Elvis Costello’s collaborations with T-Bone Burnett. And in a lot of cases, the cumulative results are Herring’s distinctive sonic fingerprint, giving the clear impression that he’s well on his way to establishing the kind of broad, expansive and unique range that Neil Young has successfully cultivated for the past four decades.” – CINCINNATI CITY BEAT


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    • “The Texas-based musician Collin Herring is a must-hear for alt-country fans.” – USA TODAY
    • [Song Premiere: Colin Herring’s “Some Knives.”] “The Texas-based singer-songwriter Collin Herring crafts intimate, country-tinged tunes that remind me of some of my favorite bands, like Son Volt and Whiskeytown. Close your eyes and open your ears to this track, and may you be temporarily transported ... (And seriously, how great is this song? I've heard it about a dozen times already and that's still not enough!) - Whitney Matheson / USA TODAY: POP CANDY
    • An astonishingly talented singer-songwriter... Herring's songs move between alt.country, power pop, and psychedelia with unusual ease. - THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE
    • “A year after writing the first chord, Colllin Herring finished his new track ‘Kicked Around.’ And it ROCKS.” - CMT
    • "Collin Herring is often labeled alt-country and there is some truth to that, but there’s just as much as much indie rock in his sound. Some Knives bristles with energy and rousing melodies that will please fans of indie and Americana equally, as the album touches on influences from Son Volt and Whiskeytown alongside Neil Young, R.E.M. and even Nirvana." - POPMATTERS
    • “Herring’s sixth album, but first in five years, was worth the wait. It’s a compelling collection of roots-oriented indie rock and a solid, heartfelt work from start to finish.” – AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN
    • “While Collin Herring’s songs tend to be assertive and straight forward, they’re draped in a cosmic overlay that makes the most driving rockers sound like a side trip taken by Pink Floyd after putting the brakes on some Interstellar Overdrive. Pulsating tempos and psychedelic soundscapes abound, but when the sound becomes more settled and cerebral Herring’s vocals echo the woozy, wistful tones of Neil Young or Jeff Tweedy in more genial settings.” – BLURT
    • "Well put together, showcasing a range of emotions and styles, and will serve fans of Herring’s well." - AMERICANA UK
    • “[Jam of the Day] Colling Herring's "Psychopaths" is one of the best songs we've heard this year.” – SPEAKERS IN CODE
    • Collin Herring's "Some Knives" rumbles with all the confident clatter & assured shake of a long-owned pick-up. – POPMATTERS
    • "The sound is part R.E.M., part Neil Young and there's a dash of Ryan Adams too. The song's have a heartbreaking poetic edge to them. There's a semi-grunge thing going on too, reverb like Dinosaur Jr. It's really mind-bending stuff. This is thinking man's psychedelia country, not made to make singles but rather through and through listens." - LEE COUNTY COURIER