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  • Brand new album by Lincoln, NE’s favorite garage sons, Brimstone Howl. This time the gang went to Costa Mesa, CA, to record Big Deal. What’s He Done Lately?  (the title references a quote from Johnny Ramone about Phil Spector) at The Distillery under the guidance of engineer/producer Mike McHugh (known to produce some of the most heinous, blown-out sounds this side of the galaxy, including Black Lips, Jon Spencer and Andre Williams). The result is considerably more fuzzed than their previous work with Detroit producer Jim Diamond but still pummels.

    Frontman John Ziegler admits that Big Deal is thematically “a little brighter” than previous efforts, but also explains, “While our last record We Came In Peace sounded ‘big,’ the main characteristic of this album is its heat. Analog from start to finish. Recorded to tape. Mixed to tape. And from tape the wax was cut. This record sounds ‘hot’.”

    The new album – Brimstone Howl’s third for Alive Records –  finds a couple of older songs (such as “Elation” and “M60” rerecorded from their debut album and first 45) riding shotgun with newer explosive tracks such as “Last Time,”  “Everybody Else Is Having Fun,” “Iota Man” and “Suicide Blues.” “Musically, our instincts remain the same as always,” Ziegler states, “but we do more pop sounding things at times, with as much drama as we can fit into our rock’n’roll template. I get the feeling that’s out of style or going out, even within our own little community of garage folks, but we’re from the Midwest and we can’t f**k around and waste our time singing songs that aren’t fully sincere. We’ve been doing music for it’s own sake for a long time now, none of us have made rent money from this, for whatever that’s worth. We have music in our hearts, goddamn it, and we always will. That will always remain the most important thing in this industry, and whatever corner of it we inhabit.”

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    • "Torturing the blues and primal rock ’n’ roll in heinous ways, Brimstone Howl has to be the evil progeny of John Spencer. Daddy must be real proud of his boys. Messy, black-hearted and untamed, 'Big Deal. What’s He Done Lately?' pushes everything into the red, especially on the scratchy, hot-wired “M-60” and the careening “Elation,” and drenches the ’60s pop sweetness of “Final Dispatch” and “I’ll Find You” in dark feedback and distortion. Each song an apple filled with razor blades and anti-freeze... it all tastes so good." - GOLDMINE MAGAZINE

    • "Brimstone Howl sounds like it holed up in a cave for a few years with nothing to eat but the Nuggets boxed sets. The Nebraska band’s powerful spin on ’60s garage/punk should tighten the pants of record collectors everywhere." – MAGNET MAGAZINE

    • "All killer, no filler rock 'n' roll that can be traced from Elvis Presley to The Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground, The Ramones and The Strokes. The loud, fuzzy, buzzing guitars of John Ziegler and Nick Waggoner still drive the irresistibly propulsive music. But there are hooks galore across "Big Deal," and a handful of songs could easily be classified as power pop." – LINCOLN STAR JOURNAL "'Big Deal, What's He Done Lately' is the album garage revivalists The Hives et al wished they could have made, a non-stop balls-out raucous racket of over-driven guitars and primal drumming played fast and furious and LOUD. It's frantic, it's fizzy and generous on the treble and... well, it's a no-nonsense, no pretense ruckus, and it's cracking." – WHISPERIN & HOLLERIN / UK

    • "In a year or two, when everyone's wondering what today's flavor-of-the-month garage act has done lately, Brimstone Howl will still be the real Deal." – QRO MAGAZINE

    • "F*ck, yeah, this is fist pumping devil-rock shit, sold at the crossroads for a bottle of Old Grand-Dad Whiskey." - BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN

    • "Better savored than described." - SPINNER

    • "Brimstone Howl's 'Big Deal' is a needle-in-the-red treat." - POPMATTERS