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    Following the release of their first two acclaimed albums, Please Make Welcome (2011) and Holly Grove (2013), the Atlanta-based band The Whiskey Gentry are set to release their third full-length studio album entitled Dead Ringer this spring. On it, the husband and wife duo of Lauren Staley & Jason Morrow and bandmates have created an effort that builds on many of the sounds of their previous albums – incorporating deep country, Americana, honky-tonk, bluegrass and a stiff shot of gritty rock ’n’ roll, yet it also finds the band testing themselves and pushing beyond their own boundaries.

    Dead Ringer deals with growing up, and how that’s affected the band’s relationships, and the places they’ve gone and people they’ve met in the process. As singer/songwriter Lauren Staley puts it, “There’s also a lot of questioning where you are in your life: are you going to follow your dream, or are you going to do what society thinks you should do?”

    It’s apparent with this effort that Staley & Co. have opted for the former. “A common lyrical thread throughout this album are stories about being on the road,” Lauren admits, “and chasing your dreams and the outcomes – either good or bad – in doing that.”

    Stepping outside of the comfort zone of their previous recordings, the band has moved in a different direction musically. “Sonically, the biggest difference of this record is that we recorded it live together in the same room at Echo Mountain Recording Studio (Asheville, NC),” Lauren explains. “There are less overdubs, which makes it sound more like how it would if you were to see us in person – it’s raw, it’s not perfect. We worked with a producer for the first time (Les Hall), and he had so many amazing ideas we’d never thought of and really pushed us to think outside of our box. There’s an energy on this record that we’ve never captured before, and I think it was a complete game changer for our sound.”

    Dead Ringer has more guitars, more attitude and more of an edge than anything the band has done before. It’s not such a massive departure in sound that fans won’t understand it, but they will notice. “We are not a different band,” Lauren explains, “but we’ve definitely grown up and are changed people from the time we started this band. I think we’re better musicians, better songwriters. We’ve learned lessons and we’ve worked hard, and we want to tell our current fans and new fans the stories of what we’ve experienced on this journey. Musically, there are still elements of bluegrass and honky-tonk in our sound, and there always will be. However, I think we’ve expanded the scope of what we can offer people – there’s something for everyone on this record.”

    The Whiskey Gentry has been tearing up the road for the better half of the last decade, logging over 150 shows each year, and winning over crowds at major festivals such as Shaky Knees, Shaky Boots, Merlefest, Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion, FloydFest and many others. With the release of Dead Ringer they’ll continue this trend, bringing their raucous, high-energy shows to audiences from coast-to-coast.

    The Whiskey Gentry’s Dead Ringer will be available on limited vinyl, CD and digital formats on April 7th via Pitch-A-Tent Records.

    The Whiskey Gentry are:
    Lauren Staley – vocals, acoustic guitar
    Jason Morrow – electric guitar, vocals
    Sam Griffin – bass
    Carlton Owens – drums (Nico Lembo – touring drummer)
    Rurik Nunan – fiddle, vocals
    Michael Smith – mandolin
    Chesley Lowe – banjo
    Les Hall – piano, hammond


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    • “Blending traditional bluegrass instrumentation with the energy of punk and the songwriting depth of country, Atlanta’s Whiskey Gentry whips the diverse audience of liquored up frat boys, hardcore country fans and local scenesters into a frenzy, mixing frantic instrumentals with edgy rockers and neo-honky-tonk weepers, and they don’t let up until the last note rings loud and clear above the cacophonous applause.” – GEORGIA MUSIC MAGAZINE
    • “Lauren Staley's vocals fit nicely into the Kacey Musgraves/Maren Morris gallactic country orbit. This gentry, however, has a whole lot of Western influences and a trunk full of guitar tremelo that makes their track "Looking for Trouble" feel like an authentic ride through the desert. After the second chorus, the song really does venture into psychedelic territory with phasers set to kill. It's an interesting coda, capping off a great straight-forward twang rocker with drama.” - NO DEPRESSION
    • [9/10 stars!]” The Whiskey Gentry have got a real dead ringer you’ll love.” - MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC
    • “On Dead Ringer, the Whiskey Gentry's third studio album, the group turns most of its attention away from the good-time party mentality of previous releases and writes about itself, its members’ lives and what matters to them. It is a bold step for a band that has a devoted following of loyal fans who expect the high energy acoustic-based “yeehah!” of the past. And while there is still plenty of that vitality in the music, the words are a bit more introspective and the electric guitars are a little bit louder. With the ever-present feistiness in singer Lauren Staley Morrow’s rich, clear voice, the delivery of a more autobiographical narrative is as entertaining as always and the live in-studio recording retains the band’s musical intensity. All in all, Dead Ringer is a fine effort by a band that is not afraid to grow up.” ★★★★☆ - CREATIVE LOAFING ATLANTA
    • “Named after a memorable line in Hunter S. Thompson’s iconic missive from the 1970 Kentucky Derby, Atlanta-based country-rock crew The Whiskey Gentry operates with appropriate levels of decadence and depravity. The group’s new record, Dead Ringer, out this Friday via local label Pitch-a-Tent, showcases a punked-up version of its bluegrass- (and whiskey-) soaked Americana sound. Like Lydia Loveless or the Drive-By Truckers, The Whiskey Gentry uses traditional Southern music as a base for a sneakily innovative and contemporary sound.” - FLAGPOLE
    • “It's hard not to love Lauren Staley's voice, which is not only powerful but definitely sounds like it was influenced by listening to a lot of country music. This album is a real testament to the songwriting of this band. Whether it's an uptempo song or a ballad, this band creates songs that are a good blend of rock and country and will have you singing along. If you're a fan of alt-country, this is a band you'll want to get to know.” – AXS
    • “For those curious about the next Miranda Lambert or Kacey Musgraves, the Whiskey Gentry’s Lauren Staley might be her, and in any event her band the Whiskey Gentry’s third album is more of a boot-stomping ‘Ringer’ than its predecessors.” - MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL
    • “They are so fantastic. I love The Whiskey Gentry!” - Mara Davis / WABE 90.1 RADIO
    • "Stuffed full of inventive songwriting, the marvelous twang of singer Lauren Staley, and the ferocious playing of her bandmates, the honky-tonk hybrid of Holly Grove leaves you with the feeling that this band could be something special." - BOSTON GLOBE
    • "... a solid blend of bluegrass and honky-tonk" - POPMATTERS
    • "Holly Grove captures a band with a feel for out-and-out honky-tonk and hippiefied bluegrass lineage (they cover both New Grass Revival and New Riders of the Purple Sage), to which they apply a full-tilt, pop-punk attack. What further sets them apart is lead singer Lauren Staley’s luminous timbre and the left turns in their storytelling." - CMT
    • "The Whiskey Gentry is a toe-tapping, steamrolling kind of band, its fingers picking deep into fields of bluegrass, feet stomping in line with a punk-inspired kick drum. The band effortlessly marry old country and new grit, and carrying you along into the Appalachians with the pull of a landslide." - PASTE MAGAZINE
    • "Holly Grove is an example of true mastery of the art and understanding of how varying genres can complement each other. The album is pulsating and infectious. It never lets up and shows true talent on the part of these Atlanta natives." - PERFORMER MAGAZINE
    • "... a pure pleasure throughout. Holly Grove defines The Whiskey Gentry as an intoxicating bunch, a group with a sound that breeds pure delirious delight." - THE BLUEGRASS SITUATION
    • "You could call Atlanta’s Whiskey Gentry a cow punk band. But, they’re also a bluegrass band, an alt-country band and a band of swinging honky-tonkers. They’re Celtic, too, and Bakersfield. It would all be too much, if not for the glowing twang of lead singer Lauren Staley and the perfect picking by her husband Jason Morrow and their road-sharpened backup players." - BILLINGS GAZETTE
    • "For infectious high-energy country-bluegrass fun, I haven’t heard much lately that can beat The Whiskey Gentry… here’s a band that blends slickness and rootsiness into a superb brew." - BLOG CRITICS