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Click here to listen to Jeremy Pinnell’s “Different Kind of Love” from his new LP “Ties of Blood and Affection” via The Boot

Jeremy Pinnell, ‘Different Kind of Love’ [Exclusive Premiere]

Jeremy Pinnell‘s sophomore album is set for release in August, but in advance of the project, the singer-songwriter is sharing one of its new tracks with The Boot’s readers. Press play below to hear “Different Kind of Love.”

“Someone told me that the right thing is doing something different than what you did before,” Pinnell tells The Boot of “Different Kind of Love,” a traditional-sounding track about the kind of love “that comes from above … [that] you know is true … that comes from the heart … that pulls us through … that will never tear us apart.” Pinnell and his producer, Michael Montgomery, were aiming for “a real natural sound” for the song.
“I always had [Waylon Jennings‘] “Luckenbach, Texas” in mind when going about this song,” Pinnell explains. “I always loved the smooth sound of that song.”

The woman for whom Pinnell sings “Different Kind of Love,” as he explains in the first verse, “don’t like diamonds” and “takes good care of me.” “These girls are hard to find / I guess you could say that I found mine,” Pinnell sings. “Like God split the sea / I seen her walk on the water / She makes it looks so easy.”

A native of Northern Kentucky, Pinnell learned to play guitar from his father, and started singing in church. He left home at the age of 18 to pursue a music career, and released his debut disc, OH / KY, in 2015. Pinnell’s sophomore album, Ties of Blood and Affection, is due out on Aug. 11 via SofaBurn Records and is available for pre-order via the SofaBurn website.
Listen to Jeremy Pinnell, “Different Kind of Love”:

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